Dogs are furry angels for many people.

In the 18 years, i have talked to dogs, they always come to their humans with a purpose. It is usually a very simple and profound purpose, like “to make them laugh more”, “to keep them healthy by walking”, “to keep them from being sad”. These purposes are the thing that humans do not usually write on their lists of achievements, but they can take us out at the knees if they are not in our lives.

On top of that, dogs will mirror our illnesses.

They stand in front of a vibration, illness or event that is headed for their human. I have witnessed dogs taking on their owners cancer, getting urinary tract infections when their owners do, making a desperate plea to walk because they know that their owner will have heart disease if they do not walk. I have had dogs plea to me that they want people to stop bullying their owner, that they get scared when their owner has a certain smell (in this case it was diabetes) and when they are asleep the dogs want to know what to do.

Working with spirit for a while now, I believe in ‘the good in people’ more than ever.

We are all diamonds, we come down here to clean the facets of our personality that aren’t in harmony with our higher being. To achieve this task, we are given angels, spirit guides, beings that we cannot see that help us. Some of these beings get tired of only being able to help us if we ask. So sometimes, they come into a physical form, like that of a cat or dog, so that they are able to ground us, support us and love us. I am not saying this is every dog, but I have witnessed it many times.

Excerpt from my book, Animal Lover:

1 woman’s fantastic journey to find out the spiritual purpose of pets

The spiritual purpose of pets

Dogs are the best that there is in humans, mixed in with a weird crazy happy fun gene, a dash of insane energy and the sleep of someone who is utterly and completely happy. According to Sidi, a Sufi Master, “If humans only had the five characteristics that God gave dogs, there would be no more war. Dogs are loyal, they protect their homes, and they do not hurt anyone. They have the qualities of trust and surrender, honesty, sincerity, care about the beloved, and cleverness.” The Sufi Realities

We deserve dogs because of who we are at our best selves. They see that, they see who we could be, how we try, and how we sometimes fall short in that struggle. They are our support team, our cheerleaders, the call to manifest being friends with each other and ourselves, to live our true life and our true life’s purpose.

As the often mentioned statement goes – “May I be the person my dog thinks I am.”

Every day, work to become your best self. your most honest self. The person who’s true self is becoming known.

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