If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that we want the best for our pups. They’re part of the family, and we go out of our ways to make sure they’re happy. We roll around on the floor and buy toys we would never have looked twice at in our pre-dog days. We want them to be happy, and any good owner would do whatever it took to make it happen. However, when it comes to our holidays, many of us are blindsided by what we think we should do with our dogs. Hence, we spend the weeks before going on vacation phoning around kennels, and convincing ourselves that’s what our pooches need. After all, at least they’ll have the company that way. And, a little bit of you is probably looking forward to ridding yourself of that responsibility and jetting off for fun in the sun.

We’ve all been there. But, before you sign your dog away, it’s worth thinking twice about what they’d want if they had the chance to ask. Obviously, the first thing would be to come with you, but that’s rarely practical or even kind. An hour on a plane could be more stressful than a whole month in a kennel. But, aside from that, they may have some other simple requests, which it’s in your power to grant. Read on to find out what vacation plans your dog might ask for if they had a voice.

‘Please let me stay in my own home’

Perhaps the most distressing thing about kennels is that they take your dog away from home. That means pulling them from this safe space you’ve created. And, that will leave them thinking they’ll never come back. This can cause untold stress and upset. And, there’s no need for it. If you take the time to look around, you’ll find there are many dog boarding options which allow your dog to stay in your home. It may be that you hire a pet sitter, or pay someone to check on your dog a few times a day. This still isn’t a simple fix, but at least you can rest easy your pup is in a safe and trusted space.

‘I want to see a familiar face’

This one might be harder to accommodate, but not seeing anyone they know can leave your dog incredibly unhappy. Even an otherwise friendly pooch will soon get down in the dumps if they only see strangers for a week. Of course, the best option here would be to let a family member look after your dog for you. Asking someone to look take that on is no mean feat, and many owners are reluctant to do it. If there’s no one you can ask, you could see if someone familiar could head over to sit with your dog for a few hours in the evening. That way, you can at least rest easy that they have some familiar reassurance until your return!

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