If you have children and are thinking of getting a dog, then it can be a good idea to think about what is the best breed for them. While most dogs are playful, each breed will have different characteristics that will make them better suited to children or not. It can also depend on the age of your children too. You are much less likely to want a smaller dog that bites and is quite yappy if you have a baby, for example. Though with teens and training, a dog like that could work well for you.

Have you ever considered a German Shepherd as a family pet? Because of their size, or the size that they can grow into at least, it can put a lot of people off. So what are the best features of German Shepherds, and do they make good family pets? Here are some reasons why.

Intelligent Dog Breed

There is a reason that the largest percentage of police dogs around the world are German Shepherds. They are a very intelligent breed of dog, and training German Shepherds can be fairly straightforward. From there they can follow your demands and requests, and can easily learn what it is that you want them to do. So from buying as a puppy to adopting when they are a little older, it can be a good thing that they are obedient and can learn, change, and adapt.

They’re Protective

German Shepherds are a very protective breed of dog. And due to their size, you know that they will be able to help you feel safe too. So in many ways, that can be a confidence booster to families with children as the dogs will have a very protective and caring nature towards you, their owner. If there is an elderly family member that is home alone a lot of the time, then they can be protective of them too; they will warn of intruders and bark when people are at the door.

High Energy Levels

Some may see this as a negative, and I suspect if you do, then it probably isn’t the dog for you. However, in a busy family household, a dog with a lot of energy can be a great thing. There will be plenty of people around to entertain and walk the dog, as well as play and groom the dog. They don’t tire easily which can be a really good thing for an active family. You can be out with them all day and they would still love it, much like children, especially older children or teenagers. Because they may need a few walks a day, then it could mean that they may not be the best option with babies or younger children, depending on the work and life commitments that you already have. But for older children, they’d make a great pet.

Wonderful Companions

German Shepherd dogs are loyal and kind, and they will stick up for you as their owner and protect you. It has also been shown that children that grow up in a home with a pet are doing to be much more confident in themselves and are less likely to suffer from anxiety. A German Shepherd would be no different, and could really help if you have children that are anxious and could use a dog to help with their therapy. While these dogs aren’t the friendliest with strangers, they are loyal and true to their family members.

Strong and Healthy

We all want a dog that is going to stay healthy and well. It can be expensive to keep going to the vet, as well as time-consuming. Which is a good reassurance that if kept on a good diet, and given plenty of space to play and exercise, then they are unlikely to fall sick very often. If you are dedicated to them and their care, then they can be a healthy dog breed to have at home.


One of the best things about the German Shepherd breed of dog is that they are pretty adaptable to almost any lifestyle. Because they are an intelligent breed of dog, they can easily adapt. So if you’re thinking that a dog might not work around your current lifestyle, then you’d be wrong. In this case, you wouldn’t need to change your day to suit your dog; they would be able to change to suit you. So they can fit right in pretty easily.

Increase Families Health

Because this breed of dog has high energy levels, then it will mean at least thirty minutes of exercise each day, for you and your dog. So as a family, you can’t get away with not walking the dog; they will want to be out there each day come rain or shine. And unlike a small dog, you can’t just let them run around your yard for a little while. They need lots and lots of space. So as you as a family will be taking care of them, you should see an increase in how active you are too. Walking or jogging for thirty minutes each day, at least, is going to have a profound effect on your fitness levels over time too.

Are you convinced yet? The only downside would be the size that they can grow to as an adult dog; they do need space. So if you live in a tiny apartment, then it is unlikely to be the best choice for you. However, having plenty of outside space, whether that is your yard or parks, is important. They can eat quite a lot too, so you do have to think of the cost of it all, as well as vet bills and dog insurance (it would be worth the money though). Plus, as you can see, there are many benefits to having a German Shepherd as a family pet. It can be a great friend to you all, and can just become another member of the family.

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