Some interesting shifts are happening in the United States. 65% of all households now have pets. The term “furkid” is becoming a household word.  More money is now spent on animal products than is spent on kid’s toys. Even though we are in a recession, the money spent on dogs and cats increased by two million dollars last year.

I am bringing these facts to light because there is a TON of puppy love and cat adoration  going on in this world. I think it is BARELY being reported. As Eckert Tolle states in his book, “they (cats & dogs)keep millions of people SANE”

How much do you love your dog? How much does your cat mean to you? Do you buy the best premium dog food, or feed the disgustingly slimy marrowbones because your dog loves them? Do you leave the TV on when you leave the house each day so your cat won’t be lonely? Do you eat an inexpensive lunch each day so you can afford to have your dog in doggie day care? A majority of travelers have admitted to calling and leaving messages on the answering machine so that their pet could hear their voice!

When I travel, I only stay at hotels that take dogs, so my girls can come along. In fact, that is what the magazine Fido is all about: traveling with your dog & leaving no dog behind! Do you go to the drive thru window at the pharmacy so that your dogs can come along with you on the ride? Do you sleep crunched up on your bed so that your dog can spread out and be comfortable?

What about friends? IF you have friends that don’t have dogs, do you still hang out with them? Do you skip having drinks with your friends to take your dogs to the dog park?  I drive around with Lucy sitting on my lap & the drivers side window down so she can feel the breeze on her face. EVEN in the 100-degree Tucson Arizona weather!

Please finish this simple sentence: “I LOVE MY PET (dog, cat) SO MUCH, that I…

I have given you some examples of my version of puppy love/cat crazy. Give me yours! Each answer will be included in a drawing for the following 5 (yes, count them FIVE) prizes:

1.   Pet charm

2.   Paw print plate

3.   Car crystals

4.   Kind hearted woman cat plate


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