Inaba isn’t content resting on its laurels.  Instead they keep pushing the envelope and producing some of the best cat products on the market.

I tried the Inaba Juicy Bites with Samson last year.  I mistakenly thought they were a hand treat so tried to feed them to him by hand.  He didn’t seem thrilled with the Juicy Bites, and my hands were left sticky. I have never witnessed time passing slower than when I was trying to feed Samson that Juicy Bites pack.  He finally finished the sample pack I had, I washed my hands and then forgot about them.

So this year, when I was given samples of Inaba Juicy Bites, I didn’t look at them until I was home.  I got them out while all my cats were watching me.  I opened up a packet of the chicken and tuna flavor., and doled one out on a plate.  My cat Buffy scooted up, inhaled it and brought her paw up to the bag for more.   Then Samson came up to the plate anticipating something good.  I squeezed out the rest of the bag, and Buffy and Samson sparred over who got the most.

After that I tried the Juicy Bites on my other cats, Peaches and Redford.  When I put the treats down, they greedily ate all I proffered.  The next day, I held the juicy bites bag up and called Samson.  He trilled and came running.  ALL the cats would come on command when they realized I had the juicy bites.

Very seldom do I find a treat that all my cats like.  Since Elvis passed, it’s a little easier to get a consensus.  Last year I came back with 198 different types of wet food, and Elvis only liked 3 of them.  All 4 of my cats loved these Juicy Bite Treats. Another big payoff is that Juicy Bites contain all-natural ingredients.  They are made with Chicken, Tuna, green tea, Vitamin E; with human ingredients and no GMO.

I see Juicy Bites as being a useful tool while you are training your cats to come when called.  My cats don’t usually come but they certainly did for this treat.  Juicy Bites are also useful for cats who need to have high moisture content in their food.  These treats are great for older cats that either have tooth decay or are missing teeth.

Juicy Bites come in serving packs, so they stay fresh until you open and feed them to your cats. There are 2 flavors in each pack.  My cats consider both delicious!

Inaba, knowing how finicky cats can be, have 8 different combinations of flavors! How great is that?  There are combinations ofFish and Clam, Scallops and Crab, Homestyle and Calamari. How exotic is that?

I give them an 11 on a scale of 1 – 10. No matter how much your cats like their current food and treats, it is really wonderful to have another treat in the cabinet that your cats adore and perform for!

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