As the old saying goes, “dog is man’s best friend,” and – when all is said and done – our canine companions have been by our side throughout all of recorded history.

Of course, there are all sorts of great reasons to own a dog, ranging from companionship to the extra exercise you’ll get in your daily routine from walking your newfound pal.

Whether you are getting a pet from Wilck Woodlands American Mastiff Breeder or are considering getting a dog that could fit in a handbag, easily one of the biggest overall benefits of owning a dog is that it can help to remind you of the magic present in everyday life.

Here are a few ways that dogs can remind you of the magic in everyday life.

Through their energy and enthusiasm

One thing you can say about dogs is that they tend to be pretty energetic and enthusiastic –even older and more restful dogs will frequently exhibit these traits from time to time.

In everyday life, as humans, we always run a risk of becoming a bit jaded. We fall into regular routines which we carry out on autopilot. We stop paying attention to the interesting and exciting features present in our surroundings.  Sadly we frequently ignore these wonderful & magical day-to-day moments, themselves.

When you have a dog in your life – brimming with energy and enthusiasm and treating the world like a perpetual adventure, this can help to shift your awareness in that same wonderful direction.

Through their appreciation of you

Dogs generally adore their owners and treat them with the kind of unconditional affection and loyalty that is highly likely to make their owners feel a warm glow in their chests.

Having a dog appreciating you and your presence unconditionally can help to remind you of more positive and nurturing ways of interacting with other people, and with your surroundings.

What’s more, you may even find yourself feeling motivated to be the best version of yourself, in order to live up to the high level of regard that your dog has for you.

Through their ability to redirect your focus to them

As everyone knows – or should know – owning a dog is a real responsibility, and entails all sorts of duties above and beyond just having a pet to play catch with.

As a matter of fact, though, this – in and of itself – is something that can really have a positive effect on your life in various ways, not least of all with regards to getting you to once more to notice the magic present in everyday life.

The fact that you need to direct your focus to your dog on a regular basis can help you to step outside of your own hang-ups, frustrations, and low moods, and may even “break the spell” altogether.

Having to take care of your dog, in other words, may give you a valuable sense of perspective outside of yourself.

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