“There are people so lonely, they think God is lonely too” Carl Sandburg

Society creates the rules the world is ran by. If we are judgmental, people are judgmental to us. Most of the time it is what we were trained to think, we do not see outside ourselves. There are people so judgmental, they think God is judgmental too.

My belief is we are here to experience free will. We are here to choose love, even in fact, when others are not. Like prime numbers or primary colors, all feelings can be condensed down into 1 of 2 prime emotions: love & fear. They cannot both be present at the exact same time. If you are afraid, and you simply choose love, fear disappears like the tumbleweeds that hit your car in southern New Mexico. Gigantic and threatening, poof, the tumbleweeds are gone on impact.

I didn’t come to this knowledge overnight. It has been a process. A scientist, I state a proof theory, weigh it against current reality. I acquired faith, some grace. Both have nothing to do with intelligence.

I now know that I am never truly alone. Relationships with guides, angels and animals jump that void. I began life with the teaching that a woman was not complete without a man. This creates addiction. I know now that God literally could create a man that is perfect for me, and have him knock on my door. I also know that has probably happened, and I did not answer the knock.

I have been blessed with a method to help suicides to heaven. The people in heaven are so relieved, sometimes they cry with joy. Wherever suicides go, it can’t be seen from heaven. The more I talk to the other side, the more I am comforted by it. Some beings come thru with unbelievable joy. The feeling is important, the explanation, not so much.

I am still learning. I ask my guides to create miracles in my life on a daily basis. The mystery deepens. I am told there are colors in heaven, we barely can conceive of. The closest examples are gemstones. I wear them as touchstones. I am both humbled by my gift, and soar because it exists. I still get scared, depressed, marinate in humanness, and then remember again, it is a choice.

There is no source of darkness. Only lack of light. Light shines into the darkness and under the door. This fact calms me. I turn my face to the light. All shadows fall behind. I stand in the light of God, and nothing else has anything to do with me. This belief system cuts out a lot of drama.

If you do something out of guilt, it is a sign you are in dysfunction. Guilt is the gasoline that makes the dysfunctional machine run. Anger itself is not bad, as long as you do not hurt another with it. Anger means you are not getting something you want or need. Depression is energy not moving.

All dis-ease starts in the spiritual emotional body, and if not addressed, manifests in the physical body. We are reborn with every breath. I am not the person who started writing this article. I am new, a product of what I believe.


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