In June I was in Denver to speak at the INATS (The International New Age Trade Show) conference. It was held at the Crowne Plaza at the Denver International Airport, which was a beautiful facility. In my booth my paintings and books were available for signing. I did sessions for people, talking to their loved ones on the other side (both human and pets) their angels, spirit guides and then pets that they have.

INATS was a really enjoyable venue, but since it was my first time there (this was the 21st year that the company, Turning Wheel has put it on) I had no idea what to expect. I knew more people than I thought I would! Many of the vendors I knew from other metaphysical conferences like Conscious Life Expo or the Tucson Gem Show. In fact, the show reminded me of the gem show, because there were several businesses there selling crystals and stones wholesale.

I spoke on Saturday. I love when I speak to an audience that knows what I do is authentic and real.That allows them to really listen to what I am channeling. This group was excited to hear how animals play a spiritual role in human lives. I am always encouraged and inspired by the relationships people have with their animals. The messages I channeled all proved that love is an eternal connection, regardless of physical forms. I have found that pets teach people the most profound lessons we have come to learn. I now fully believe that each pet comes into their human’s life with a lesson, and of course likes having a job. That was confirmed with the INATS audience of pet owners.

After I spoke, I did a book signing. Everyone was very gracious and excited even to have a signed copy of Animal Lover.

Towards the end of the signing, a man totally caught me off guard. He channeled a message from the guides for me. He called it a “present for my mind”. He told me how important my message was. That when my message takes “hold”, there will be other ripples that happen. Like animals being seen as sentient beings and being treated better. This will lead to better more effective protection from abuse.

 Animals being honored more “raises all boats”. It will create a Universe where all beings, animals and people alike, are treated with more respect, love and tenderness. For this to happen, I just need to get in front of as many people as possible, and tell my story.

Then, he said something I was told by my Kahuna at least ten years ago: “that I am the only one who has the combination of talents that can teach this lesson. That there are others, but they are not as far along (the angels have impressed expediency on me with this message too). That the message of animals being sentient beings, sent to their humans with a spiritual purpose is a game changer.  The message that pets teach reincarnation, that love exists after death, and beings that love each other return to each other in new bodies. The message that love returns to love, again and again. He was so excited for me.

He wanted to give me the gift that the angels had for me. That my message is changing the world profoundly. He could see my little wings on my back, fluttering, starting to grow. He said that I just needed to get in front of people, stand in front of people and tell my message.

This man saw my wings unfurled; large, powerful. He looked me in the eyes saying; “Whatever you do, don’t stop. I know this is not what you originally thought you’d do with your life. But this is important. You are only about 2% of the way into your journey.”

I believe he knew I needed those words, or his angels were told by my angels that I needed to know the truth of my path. The very moment he walked up, I had been doubting. There weren’t many people at the conference, and I had spent a lot of money for the booth and travel expenses. I had thought I could sell jewelry at the show but I couldn’t (I can never sell retail jewelry where they are selling wholesale gems.) My giclee’s are expensive for gift-store industry: no one ordered them to stock in their stores.

I was told there would be over 1000 people at INATS, so I naively ordered 1000 books. I only sold 5 books, then at the book signing I gave away over 80 books (for free). My marketing agent said that if I bought a booth, I could sell the books instead of giving them for free. That wasn’t accurate.

I had driven 13 hours, all night to get to Denver. I had set up the booth. I wasn’t going to not give the books out. Still, that was income I thought I would have that wasn’t there. In my mind, I was keeping frightening calculations on how much I was spending and how much I was generating. I knew I wasn’t breaking even.

Because of all this, I was going into “I could go back to selling pharmaceuticals and not have to worry about money” ungrounded loop mode. Not that I wanted to mind you, but because I felt financial insecurity and the fears associated with it.  I wanted to KNOW that I would be able to pay my mortgage every month. My higher self knows that security is anything but secure, that my gig working for the Universe is where I am supposed to be. My higher self was not at the control panel.

Out of the blue, I was given confirmation of the importance of my message. Confirmation that I have a big challenge ahead, a challenge so large, that it will not only transform me, it has the capability to transform the world for animals, for people; for all sentient beings! That isn’t something a career in corporate sales will bring.

I didn’t get the guy’s name; I was that stunned. Thank you to all the great people at INATS. If you were the messenger, drop me a line so I can thank you again.

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