It’s Happening! We are moving to a higher vibrational plane! (from duality to oneness).

The truth the Angels have spoken about, that all secrets will become known within a short amount of time is being realized. Next, many of the Indigo & Crystal children who can tell when someone is lying, are going to call the liars on their lies. We are already seeing that with the new politicians like AOC. Other changes, such automated vehicles will displace a large amount of the workforce. It may be painful for many people.

I came to the realization that it must have been a hell of a time when the transportation changed from horses to cars. Yet today it isn’t even more than a paragraph in the history books.

“There are only two beings who like change. A baby with a dirty diaper and someone in pain”

You can learn to embrace the change, knowing, having faith that the future will be a glorious version of what you manifest? To have faith that the future holds even more promise than the past. To believe that the best is yet ahead.

I am not talking about passive waiting. They will be done waiting or God to plan out what happens to YOUR life. No, I am talking about having a vision, then also doing meaningful action towards it. You have to do your part, then get out of the way. Take your hands off, just like I have to not hold on to the ceramic pieces I make when they go in the kiln.

Rest in the knowledge that consciousness always expands. The future is coming faster, Like compound interest on  consciousness. Those that try to hold us back from that actual slingshot us MORE into the future once they lose their grip. Once the genie is out of the bottle it cannot be jammed back in.

Have faith that you can create a loving future, do not give in to fear, or waste time with gossips and fearmongers. – Emmanuel

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