As an animal communicator, it is hard for me to go into a pet shelter, and feel the energy of all the animals in there that are currently pets without a homes. Even worse, many of them never make it out alive, but are murdered there because there is a false belief. That belief is the MYTH of pet overpopulation. The belief that the cats and dogs contained within are not wanted because of pet overpopulation. Shelter killing is the leading cause of death for healthy dogs and cats in America. Unfortunately, that ISN’T a myth. A HEALTHY dog is killed every 30 seconds in America.

I know people who don’t go to shelters because they can’t handle the situation. They don’t want to know how badly some animals are treated, or the fact that humans have let them down. Much like when I close my eyes on scary roller-coasters, they believe that if they don’t see it, it isn’t that bad. However, anyone who is an adult knows they can’t solve problems by ignoring them. In fact, current wisdom is that you must name the issue before you can solve it. It is impossible to blot out every reminder that pet murder is being done in this country. You see it every day on Facebook with the “this dog is going to be destroyed” ads, hear it every day with the Sarah McLachlan songs on TV.

So what are we to do about it? Feel defeated, resigned to the fact that pets are destroyed? See the thing is, as an intuitive medium & Angel communicator, I don’t believe that is what is supposed to happen. I have talked to too many cats and dogs. Pets who always tell me what their purpose for being here on this planet is. Many have specific purposes for the humans they live with. I have even talked to cats who were spirit guides that came into cat bodies so they could help their humans. These pets do not come randomly into our lives.

Got Balls - Aussie Shepard puppy with tennis ballSo, if these cats and dogs are coming into the world with a specific purpose, only to be killed by an animal shelter, what is the sense in that? What are we, as humans missing? How is the story supposed to go? How are we changing it?

When the angels explain how to lead life to soul coaching clients, they make what we are doing in this world sound really specific, and well, simple really. They say: “You are here to experience love where love is not and you are here to experience free will.”

Free will means the ability to make choices. To say yes or no to what you want or don’t want, then live with the responsibility and outcome of that choice. I see this delineated to clients again and again, the angels cannot help us without us asking, because that would be taking our choice away from us. We are so powerful we can choose sorrow. According to the channeled work by Eva Pierrakos (the path to self-enlightenment) our default is joy. Any other emotion means we aren’t in connection with our higher selves.

In the world that I channel from the angels, the future has already happened, yet it’s totally capable of being changed.  This is because, one dimension up from where we are, time and space are one. Linear time like we have here does not exist. I will channel an outcome to a client knowing that because the person is hearing what is going to happen it never will, because different choices will be made. There aren’t any mistakes, just some things that are more desirable than others.

Let’s apply this information to cats & dogs showing up in our lives, that we kill them. What if we don’t want that, we want to make a different choice. That instead of making a choice out of indifference and fear, we see the love that these beings come to share, and instead choose their love? That we make cats and dogs, sentient beings that are capable of love, caring, communication, worth more than a discarded crumpled Kleenex.

Got Balls - Pug with tennis ballIt says something about the value system here in the United States. That most of us have more clothes than we will ever wear out, yet need the latest fall fashions. We spend lavish amounts of money of food that proudly states it has “no calories”. We spend money on houses, cars, entertainment like gambling, movies, then don’t talk to the humans we share our house with.

Do you know that 80% of people carry pictures of their pets – more than the percentage of people that have pictures of their spouse? The statistics on the human animal bond are incredible, and we keep finding more out with every study. Humans are meant to live with pets. That is why we have done it for thousands of years. Problem is, pets have been so underfoot, they have virtually been ignored. Except that is, when they start running around classy neighborhoods. That is when it was decided to start killing them. Killing them so no one would notice that we had a problem with unwanted pets.

I believe that cats and dogs come into our lives for us to make the choice for love. That is proven to me every day, when I talk to people and their pets. A dog that came to give its owner courage. A cat that lies on its owner’s chest and purrs, helping the owners heart to slow and synchronize. A man that tells me his dog died two years ago, and he still can’t stop crying; he loved the animal THAT MUCH.

Some of you would probably say I’m a dreamer, hell many of you may even call it a pipe dream – but you haven’t seen what I have seen. I KNOW how powerful a belief is. I KNOW we create our own reality. The world I am creating has a home for every cat and dog with a human that loves them, respects them, and is aware of their purpose. People are healthier, grounded, not as focused on material items. The love they receive from their pet’s models for humans what it is like to be completely and unconditionally loved. When someone else completely loves you, it is easier to be able to love yourself.

gotballs_goldretI created the Indiegogo GotBalls4Pets? To raise awareness about the No-Kill solution. There isn’t a pet overpopulation problem, there is an awareness problem. A “let’s do things like they have always been done“ problem.

GotBalls4Pets is about raising money and awareness of the No-Kill solution. I am combining my best skills: writing, sales technique and painting. It is designed to give you the power to share the truth about the no-kill solution in a convincing way. In a humorous way. A way that is going to change lives; both yours and the life of all the pets you help save.

So do you? Do you have the BALLS to stand up for PETS? I hope you do, because it is also standing up for truth and comedy!

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