For some of us, losing a beloved treasured animal is one of the hardiest things we will ever do. So hard in fact, that every day I talk to people who say: “never again. I am never having a dog/cat/horse again. Losing them was just too hard.”

Those of you who know me know that I am not a fan of the word “hard”. I personally think it is a word that makes life much more difficult than it should/could be.

What if we see life as a series of experiences, of moving thru the tree tops from hand hold to hand hold, knowing that you have to completely let go of the branch behind you, so you can hold fast, however briefly, to the one ahead. Life is a series of moments. Moments in which, if we are lucky, we get to share with another being. I say being because it doesn’t have to be another human. In fact, if you are lucky, or blessed (which we all are if we chose to be) it will be an animal who came specifically to share their gifts with you while simultaneously helping you spiritually grow.



Since I have been an intuitive medium, I have literally come to see death in a different light. Beings that have died can be the same as they are in life (so much so that when looking for a lost cat, I often have difficulty telling if they are alive or dead). If a being is still on this plane, they are the same as when they are alive, just without their body.

When they are in heaven, they are incredibly amazingly blissful. It is a utopian state I had never experienced before. How can you be sad for someone that is happy beyond measure? Why would you be sad for someone who is happy beyond measure?

I know the answer to those questions. The reason for sadness; I have felt it many times. The sadness is not for the deceased, but for the loss of their presence. When my mother died, my being a medium did not comfort me. If anything, it felt like a cruel joke: I had passage to a land where I could not stay, could see but couldn’t touch.

My cat Spike disappeared last week, I miss him horribly. I also know that he is dead. Knew it the moment he did not come home.

Spike tutuThis is the first in a series on my cat Spike, shown here wearing a tutu on the pet sofa, with Lucie photobombing!

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