Today many of us buy bottled water. In fact, a many people will not drink tap water, worried that it could be contaminated. Water is a great example of a substance that is always the same, but has different worth depending on where it is located, and what it is associated with. It is judged by quality, clarity, and purity.  Those are also qualities to consider when purchasing or declaring a value on metaphysical stones.

Know the difference in quality of gemstones.  Some people have shared with me their pride at buying real amethyst for a low price, not realizing that they bought chips, a form that is much less valuable than a quality cut. Chips are essentially what are thrown away after creating other cuts, and only worth a dollar or two a strand at the most. So really, they paid $40 for trash that someone put a hole in & recycled.

All components of the jewelry I create are hand picked. Every silver ball, every crimp bead, every briolette or pearl has been chosen by me, LOVINGLY handled & blessed by me the entire while I am making the piece. I do not have employees or a factory in another country that creates this jewelry for me. Often customers come up to me and comment that they feel the love my jewelry is immersed with. The INTENT that jewelry is made with and the emotions infused into the stones matter.  A person in inferior surroundings creating the same piece over and over, hating their job is not going to create a piece with the same vibration as someone who lovingly is involved every step of the way. To see my jewelry, go to RosezellasWay.com/artstore.

Just like sewer water differs from pristine mountain spring water, handmade couture differs from mass-produced items. With milk, one drop of something foreign (such as antibiotics) can go into a whole tank of milk, and every molecule will be polluted with it.

If you are looking for ornamentation that adds to your vibrational abundance, improves your outlook, and protects you: the intent and method it is made with matters. Jewelry is a solid investment that will be financially worth more one hundred years from now than it is today. Metaphysically, if the piece is imbued with loved and intent thru time, well, that makes it priceless. A quality cut of a gemstone will hold that intent much easier than chips, and costume jewelry has no ability to carry that quality of intonation.  Costume or chip jewelry may be inexpensive in the moment, but exists for another purpose than quality gemstones and metals do.  Basically they must be seen as adornment for the moment, and fun, because it is not made to last thru more than a season or two.

Most people in the United States today do not realize the power of intent on gemstones. It does not help that when looking up the meaning and purpose of many stones, each book differs, sometimes dramatically. I cannot help but compare those books to horoscopes: if everything that is said to happen did, it would be a much different world. Yet, the basic premise of intent with many of the stones is correct: Turquoise is sacred and protects your space, rose quartz is about opening the heart chakra.

An example of a not understood power with gemstones and jewelry exists in wedding rings and diamonds. In the United States, the divorce rate is at 50% or greater with first marriages, the second marriage divorce rate is even higher. Yet no one looks at the energy that is on the diamonds worn on the fingers of these marriage partners every day. Many of these diamonds come from areas of strife and were mined with bloodshed (hence the term “blood diamonds”). That energy is never cleared off of those stones. This energy many times is amplified by the intent put on the rings by who ever wore the rings before. Many absorbed daily emotion from anger or unhappy trysts. All of that energy has impact on the relationship the ring wearer is in.  Some of these rings actually carry bona fide curses: energy put on the ring that has specific intent. That can be as simple as a woman saying to her diamond: “Marriage is a hellish experience, it is not fun or happy.”

Divorces in the United States were helped along by these curses, and THAT hardship is again recorded into the diamond.  Meant to symbolize a couples’ love, the diamond can carry a message that marriage is hell.  The diamond can also imprint a malaise and vague discomfort on those who remain married, yet they have no idea why. In the United States, we do not even acknowledge these phenomena.

If you don’t believe jewelry holds memories, curses and energy, watch a competent Kinesiologist.. By holding an item (such as a diamond ring, a watch, a comb) someone owns, a Kinesiologist receives information about that individual.  Information comes thru on who that person is, memories of events experienced, emotions, fears and joys. Generally information can also be gleaned on where that person is today and what emotional and physical state they are in.

In the current atmosphere, many people are becoming more sensitive to intuitive energies, emotions and what surrounds us. It makes sense that an increased sensitivity to the energy and charges carried on stones is also happening. The great news is this property of gemstones does not have to be a negative. Instead of surrounding yourself with jewelry with negative emotions imprinted on them, clear the energy on the jewelry that you currently wear and own. Then make purchases that are aware of the ability these stones have to surround you with positive attributes, and bring peace, calmness, and joy. In fact I can pretty much guarantee that you can find a gemstone that enhances and brings in the reality you want to create.

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