As a medium, I talk to people who have committed suicides, not many but well over 200. There are different rules that go with suicide deaths, as compared to accidents, disease, dying in the middle of your sleep. There are some very consistent factors that I see with all suicides, and it makes me want to share this fact with those who are so desperate they are considering suicide.

  1. Most suicides spirits are still at the place they killed themselves. I had a client jump off an overpass onto 8 lines of oncoming traffic. The place was sterile, noisy, and had a horrendous feel to it. I was told she landed face first on someone’s car hood then slid up to the windshield of some commuter who didn’t know she had a shocking event coming. When I talked to her, I could feel the energy of the impact of her death on the witnesses, and her sadness the day she died. I also felt the crazy energy of LA traffic. That was her resting place, an asphalted, emotional area that there was no break from.
  2. When I talk to someone who committed suicide, they are in the same mood they were when they took their lives. In Fact, they have been marinating in it. A man that had stuck his head in the oven because his significant other had left to go to a party, that was sure to have the “other man” there, the one she “really loved”. The guy had turned on the gas, so he was cold dead when his girlfriend got back. When I did a session for the girlfriend 3 years later, the man came thru. His first question was about the “other man”. What had happened? Did they get married? Which was really interesting because the woman did not even have a relationship with the “other man”, it was purely platonic. Yet her lover couldn’t accept that it wasn’t anything more, even years after he had killed himself over it.
  3. They are in a place where they don’t see life on earth going on. It is like they are put in a freeze frame the moment they die and don’t hear or see anything since. This is not the way earthbound people (ghosts) present, they know what is going on around them in current time. Of course people in heaven or (Christ consciousness is a word I use for it sometimes) they watch what we do on earth, and attend special events, leave signs, smooth synchronicities into reality.
  4. With suicide souls, I try to get them crossed to heaven. I have a way of doing this. I always find out why they stayed earthbound. It seems many of the suicide souls do not have the choice to leave the planet and go to heaven. This can be for several reasons.

A) They took too many drugs to lift out of their bodies.

B) They wanted to hold on to their low vibrational emotions and something that would be taken away from them in heaven.

C) They are attached to a physical item or person that they don’t want to leave.

Then there is what my Kahuna believes, “Our bodies belong to God, and when we kill that body, we no longer have access to heaven”. Whatever the case, I am able to call in Angels and Guides to get the soul to cross and leave the grim state of affairs their life post-suicide is. When I do the ceremony to send suicidal souls to heaven, I ask for loved ones they have known that are now dead to come and help the transition. When the loved ones come down from Heaven to help, many times they start crying. They share with me that they haven’t been able to see the person since they killed themselves. They were worried about where they were. Apparently, suicides can’t be seen from heaven.

Let me sum this up for you now. You’re having a lousy day, week or even year. You feel like you can’t go on. Your spouse is having an affair, you lost all your money in an investment in a long shot and things may look horrendous. Or you have a depression so deep, that it feels like it is permanent, and you have no hope. If you kill yourself, that feeling will be permanent. Or at least until a Medium who has figured out how to send these souls to heaven comes along. That can be a long wait. Not many people know about Intuitive Mediums and know enough to call one.

With all the suicide souls I have talked to on the other side, one stands out. He stands out because he DID go to heaven. A man in his 70’s who had significant heart disease and was on multiple medications. His wife of fifty years was fairly healthy. He didn’t want her to waste her health by taking care of him as an invalid. With the heart issue and other matters, the doctors were only predicting he would have 4-5 years of life ahead of him and those most likely would not be healthy years.

This brave man ended his life. He did not want to leave his bride who he loved very much, in debt because of his medical bills. He did not want her to physically run down because she was his nursemaid for 4 years.  He thought that if he killed himself, she would still have money to live on comfortably. He didn’t talk to her about it, because he knew she would try to talk him out of it. Assisted suicide is illegal and he didn’t want her arrested. He wanted it to look like he succumbed to his disease so that the life insurance policy was paid out.

This Man went to heaven. For him, suicide was an unselfish act. He loved his wife so much he did not want to jeopardize her life on his own. He went to heaven because he lived his life by his own standards. Apparently, that granted him the right to have died on his own terms and ascend to heaven. 

In conclusion, I am not claiming I know everything about suicide, or what happens when we die.  However, I do know more than before I knew I was a medium. Our bodies are miracles to be treasured. When the pressures of a bad situation, the cloud of grief or depression, or a situation we do not see a way beyond, causes us to forget this, reconsider. Do you want the way you are presently feeling to be felt thru infinity? If the answer is no, then simply ask your Angels to surround you with love and light and help you to remember you are not alone.


You never are alone; your angels & guides are always with you. It is just sometimes we FEEL all alone. If we state it, then the angels have to go away. Ask them to come back. My simple prayer is this: “I give my angels permission to create miracles in my life today, and I support them in doing that”. Say that, then see how your situation changes.



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