One of the questions I get asked commonly is: “Have you always been psychic?”

That is usually followed up by: “ How did you find out you were psychic? Do you feel all people are capable of being psychic or just an honored few?”

I bring this up because it is something that we all think about… Was that thought we had in the middle of the night a premonition? Do we know when someone we are close to has passed? Was the “sign” that we had actually a “sign” or just a coincidence? How do I find out?

I have been an intuitive medium for over 15 years now. But I remember how it was like when I “wasn’t” or at least wasn’t in tune to how to collect the information and how to tell if it was real or just in my mind and wishful thinking.

I have been hesitant to teach classes because I didn’t “learn” to be a medium, I just tried and the people came through.

The angel & spirit guide connection came harder. I meditated fifteen minutes every day, saying: “I hear my spirit guides loudly and clearly.” I did that for three months. Then one night I came home to a white owl sitting in front of my car port, right at eye level. He stared at me for several minutes, then flew up under the roof of my house. When I looked during daylight, I realized there was no place the owl could have flown. He was an inter-dimensional owl. After that night, I started to hear the angels & guides. And I have heard them ever since.

Several years before I discovered I was a medium, I went to a book signing for a book about angels.

The man had written about the hierarchy of angels, the difference between cherubs, seraphins, virtues. With my science background, I have always been skeptical of woo-woo stuff, so I asked the author a ton of questions. After answering several, he shot back at me: “You aren’t a beginner in this. You can talk to the angels too.”

I of course was incredulous. I told the author he didn’t know what he was talking about! Two years later, I was working as a full time medium.

Sometimes (almost always) people can see your path much clearer than you can.


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