“You can either live your life like everything is a miracle, or nothing is” Einstein.

One of the main changes that happened with living an enlightened life is that miracles became possible again. Magic can and does happen. From a white owl on my carport staring at me across the hood of my car than flying under the roof of the house where no space existed, to seeing fairies, to knowing what will be said next, I have experienced magic. The possibility in a moment is infinite, limited only by our belief, soul contracts and some basic universal laws. Our energy, passion, joy and courage become paramount. It has given me a large amount of peace & joy in my life, knowing miracles/magic exists. That in reality, we create our situation. Each moment is different from the moment before, and when turned towards the light, the darkness disappears.

I use visual images to explain idea concepts. We are given multiple senses for a reason. An experience can be savoured and enriched by using all of them, (even checking in with our guides and 7th sense too!).


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