An estimated 4.5 million monarchs once thrived west of the Rocky Mountains. Unfortunately, over the past three decades, monarchs’ western population has declined by 99.9% because of pesticides, prolonged drought, the loss of milkweed and pollinator habitat, and logging of trees where the butterflies cluster for the winter on the California coast.

Early newspaper accounts of monarchs overwintering on trees in California described branches breaking under their weight. Those stories depicted the masses of butterflies as “the personification of happiness.”

This past year fewer than 2,000 butterflies have recorded overwintering in California. The numbers are so low that migration may not recover if urgent action isn’t taken.

I am bringing awareness to the Monarch’s plight by making artwork with the Monarchs. I have done 4 paintings now and will be doing more this year. I have these for sale on my website, and also on clothes and items at Link:

If we lose Monarchs, we lose them forever. These are inspirational, beautiful beings. Our planet will be less if they no longer exist. We each can do something to help Monarchs. We can petition our Representatives to vote yes on this bill, the Monarch Act of 2021, to save the Monarchs.

The extent and scale of the extinction crisis demand bold, meaningful solutions. By dedicating $25 million a year to western monarch conservation, the MONARCH Act of 2021 gives these beloved butterflies a fighting chance at survival. Please ask your representative to support this critical legislation and help save America’s most iconic butterflies.

After that action, consider doing some of these things: donate to the Monarch sanctuaries, plant Milkweed in your yard and gardens so the Monarch caterpillars have something to eat that is safe from chemicals. Plant a Butterfly garden of flowers that benefit all butterflies, donate to groups that are helping the Monarchs like the Arbor Day Foundation. Talk about the crisis to your friends, your community and total strangers. We CAN SAVE the MONARCHS if we all pull together and do something.

One of my favourite outfits is my Monarch Butterfly wraps. I always get compliments on it when I wear it, and it gives me an opportunity to tell people about the situation the Monarch Butterflies find themselves in. From the conversations I have had, most people are unaware of the tragedy the Monarchs are facing. No one I have talked to WANTS the Monarch butterflies to disappear. Yet, they are doing nothing because they are unaware of the crisis. So bringing up this issue with people is crucial to getting support for the butterflies.

The very least you can do is sign the petition for your representatives to pass the Monarch Act of 2021.

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