These are questions that are asked about RosezellasWay Sessions and the subject of Intuituve mediumship, animal communication and empathic abilities. Feel free to ask additional questions.

*What is the normal length of an intuitive session?

They are book ed at half hour and hour sessions. For a first session I would recommend at least an hour. The wildcard is that being a medium, some times beings on the other side come thru. If that happens, you can always book another appointment.

*The RosezellasWay session information was different from what ended up happening. Why?

The very fact that you were given the information you were can create another alternative reality. The simple fact is the future is open to change. If you stay the same as you are when the reading occurs, and do not deviate, the prediction is most likely to occur. We Have free will, the future is open to change because it is co-created by you, other individuals and God. You always have more than one option If you think that isn’t so, you simply aren’t seeing all the full picture

*Why does my love life seem so much ROSIER in psychic readings than in real life?

Angels and guides do not live on our plane, but a higher one in which there is no fear or time. Therefore, the rosier outcome comes easy for them. Plus they believe in you. Therefore, you are going to take the chance for love, i.e. not back down with fear.

*I got really sick and almost died 3 weeks after the reading. Why I get warned?

Because of free will, we only get guidance WHEN WE ASK FOR IT. We also came here to experience certain things, and guides don’t get in the way of free will. If we need to learn a lesson, they don’t interfere.  Angels & guides clamor over each other, trying to get your attention so they can come thru. Sometimes to hear them, you have to let go of the hand of fear. Some lessons we have to experience, just like you have to graduate from forth grade.

*It seemed like Ann talked about herself a lot during the reading. Why?

Like Jesus, spirit uses metaphor and comparison to teach. I am often shown an incident in my life that acts as a metaphor for what you are going thru. This is so you know I am not talking down to you, but sharing an experience. The guides & angels always refer to a scenario for a reason, even though it may not currently be apparent. Guides are with you constantly, and know the best way to describe a situation accurately.

*How does Ann receive information?

(I am clairaudient, clairsentient and clairvoyant) My primary senses are feeling & hearing but I  also see and gets smells. I am empathic, which means I channels the actual feelings of the person she has contacted. Most of the time when I  “see something” – it is a picture in my  mind. I see pictures of what a client is thinking of, describing or making a metaphor about. I  may see a picture of a ring, if the person is talking about leaving a ring for someone behind.

Medical Intuitive

When working with clients, information about their health usually surfaces. I scan the body to see areas of conflict or disease. Information is usually given on what is causing a “dis-ease” and a path or information to get on the path to health. I  believe that issues start in the spiritual and emotional body, then if not resolved manifest in the emotional body. Some issues have spiritual solutions, others physical ones. Having spent two decades in the medical field, I  respect and understands traditional medicine.  If there is a physical cure for a spiritual illness, it will manifest again because the core root of the illness is not resolved. At times knowledge and treatment in both realms are what is optimal.  At the very least, you will know more about what is happening with your body, and why.

*what did Ann learn about the metaphysical connection and her chronic pain?

I am what is called an intuitive empathy, and I often take on other peoples pain without knowing it. Unfortunately, I feel it. I also had a network of etheric connections, chakra issues and energy drains, all causing pain. I currently clear my energy twice a day, have a system of light boundaries, cut etheric cords, take salt soaks and receive Cranal Sacral Massage twice a month. With all that, I am on minimal medication, and still have some pain.  Nowhere near what I had when I first started on this program. The great gift of empathy had been destroying my life because of ignorance.

*Can you help others be free of their pain?

I reduced her pain by 85%, and can give you the tools to lower your pain too, from many different source modalities. While not all pain comes from the source that my pain did, most have a spiritual-emotional component.

I waited till  I was almost debilitated by pain to make changes in my life. Part of the reason for that is that I was taught to “tough it out”, and that you “made a goal” no matter how you felt or what you sacrificed.

By honoring our higher self and our connection with God, we can lead a life of spiritual growth and joy, versus trying to “survive” in this world that can be brutal without a spiritual connection.  However, we were never left a book on how to interact with our guides, spirit, or create our own positive reality, so most of us are stuck running tapes from our family of origin or community. These are soul contracts handed down from one generation to another, that function fully in our lives without us even knowing they exist. These contracts must be uncovered, made null and void, and replaced with another more life affirming positive contract so that the old contract does not come back to fill that space.

Live a life of joy; instantaneous we all have goals and purposes here on this earth that come from our higher selves. We are all meant to be living that purpose, but many times we lose touch of how we feel, what we want, what we feel passionate about. Many of us had it beaten into us that we have to be “responsible”, (doesn’t that equate joyless in some dictionaries?). That we have to carry the responsibilities of others and fill them before our own.

Spirit guides

* How many guides do we have? How do I contact them, and how does it work?

Thirty five to forty spirit guides are with you twenty-four hours a day. There are also  “special teams”. For example, if you are moving, or looking for a job, you can ask for “Relocation guides & angels”.  Guides are on your side. They know how you think, how hard you struggle, and are never negative, because fear and failure do not exist in their world.


How do I get my information?

What made you think of trying to be a medium?

I wanted to learn from Doreen Virtue, and the mediumship class was the only thing she offered in Arizona that year. Imagine my surprise when I could talk expertly to the other side! It was totally be accident that I found out I was a medium. I took the class to try to learn how to meditate. I still am iffy on the meditation skills.


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