I have yet to speak of anything else on the web on this blog, but now have a reason to do so. I found this incredible site: Freerice.com. It was created to fulfil two lofty goals: help end world hunger and prepare someone for the SATS. (Are you listening students?). John Breen, a computer programmer came up with the site. Each time you answer a question correctly, 20 grains of rice are given to someone in need, distributed by United Nations World Food Program. The more you get right, the more you help one of the 25,000 people who die from hunger each day.

Instead of wasting time zoning out to a banal computer game, at this site, you learn word definitions and CLASSIC PAINTINGS. Now I had a double major in Art and Animal Science in college, so art history is an interest of mine. I took 2 years of art history, and know paintings up to the impressionists. I would like to know more modern painters and refresh my knowledge of well-loved artists. This site can help you get better at your language, or give you a much-needed break from your workday. For me, going thru an art gallery always puts me in a more relaxed grounded state of mind. When you are at work, having a hard day, a run-in with a co-worker or boss, take a few minutes to chill out with Freerice.com. It will bring back your peace of mind, refresh your outlook, and make the world a better place all in one fell swoop. What’s not to love about that? Oh, and since we both know that energy thoughts work, and are all connected: when you click off sending the rice, send a big bushel of love along with it.

That is how we change the world, 1 grain of rice, one thought at a time.
“doing small things with great love is the only way to change the world” Sister Teresea.

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