Songs.  Isn’t it amazing that with a few notes of a melody, the lyrics come flooding back, along with the emotions and memories that are attached to them?  Somehow our memory is connected to sound, just as it is connected to smells (cinnamon rolls at grandma’s anyone?).  We have the soundtracks to our lives running thru our heads, long after the actual sounds have faded away.  Follow me here. This is a gigantic, simple concept, and if you understand it, I guarantee it will change more than just your mind; it will transform your life.

We create our own reality. This is why what we believe happens. Most of us have a multitude of influences on our reality, so cause and affect is not immediately evident. Couple that with the fact that soul contracts (masquerading as songs) pulse thru our reality at a subconscious level, and it may seem as if life is random. If we believe life is random, supposedly random events are attracted to our lives.

The concepts that create what I am calling ‘soul contracts” are multi-dimensional and cannot be discussed in one setting. This blog is covering one of those aspects: the fact that we as human’s create soul contracts, curses, prayers, manifestations and luck by the lyrics accompanying the songs that are humming thru our lives.

How is a soul contract created?  Specific words are said over and over, creating a mantra that becomes fact.  Amazingly, this is what we do with songs by singing them! On top of that, the words are connected with melody so that we remember them even better, and they use other learning centers in our bodies.  This would be all right if the songs in our culture weren’t so co-dependent, many times portraying a world that is dismal, dire and unable to exist without that special someone.

In a “creating your passion” class, I asked all the class members to pay attention to the songs that went thru their heads on a weekly basis, writing them down. I then asked for them to write out the lyrics, not telling them why. The exercise was revealing.  One man brought in the lyrics to a Tennessee Ernie Ford song, “16 Tons”.

“You load 16 tons, and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt.” Needless to say, this man was not manifesting his desires for wealth.

So placate me.  Listen to the lyrics of the soundtracks of your life, both those you hum to yourself and what you listen to on your IPod or radio. Record what the titles are, what the lyrics say, and also note if the song is attached to a particular experience or event.

When I became aware of my “soundtracks” I was living with, it explained a lot to me. One of my “soul contract songs” was “Hard luck woman” by Kiss. The line “you’ll be a hard luck woman, baby till you meet your man” went thru my head on a daily basis. This affected my life in a profound and fairly disgusting way. Why I did not marry and was high drama as a high school student is apparent to me.

I did this process of identifying songs in my life soundtrack. Any song energy that pulled me back to another time zone was cleared, freeing me up to actually enjoy the songs again. Some songs I erased from my soundtrack, so that no further damage could be done, making the soul contracts they had created null and void.  Then lastly, the songs that stayed with me, that refused to “go quietly into that good night” had their lyrics changed in my head so that they were positive and supportive. “In heaven there is no beer” has been changed to “in heaven there is no fear.” And the words to Dean Martin’s everybody loves somebody sometime, are changed back, instead of my version which was:“everybody gets shit on somehow”, Much too cynical for my new reality.

*Let me assure you, this is not in any way a conclusive text on the subject of reality creation. More installments shall follow.

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