If you are like me, you have more pictures of your pets than you do of your significant other. That is the way it is with Lucie, and Samson, well, Samson models so we are always looking for the next drop dead pose.

With this in mind, I eagerly ordered these air fresheners that you can put any photo you like on them. This could be a family member, a boyfriend, husband or your motorcycle. They can be several shapes; I stuck with a rectangle.  Of course, as an animal lover, I got one each of my dog Lucie and my cat Samson. I got two; one of Lucie and one of Samson. You can put a picture on both sides, so I did a full body of Lucie and then a photo of her with her St. Patrick days hat. Both pictures look great on the air freshener card, and the smell of coconut is wonderful too.

Then with Samson, I have a picture of him with his purple boa and his sunglasses on. The other side is Samson’s full body looking at a lizard that is off screen. It makes me feel wonderful just getting in the car to see Samson. The smell is wonderful. I got new car and coconut. They again have a myriad of choices, including bacon, cucumber mint and pine.

Bottom line, photo air fresheners are attractive, smell wonderful, inexpensive while looking luxurious, and keep the picture of who you love right below your rearview mirror.

These are printed on thick 3mm blotter paper and come with an elastic string already attached and are sealed in a plastic bag.

Your choice of 8 scents:

  • Bacon,
  • Cherry,
  • Citrus,
  • Coconut,
  • Cucumber Mint,
  • New Car,
  • Pine,
  • Vanilla.

Pricing Breakdown:

1 Air Freshener – $12.50 Each (or $11.25 with any other air freshener)

2 Pieces Total – $11.25 Each

3-4 Pieces Total – $10.00 Each

5-9 Pieces Total- $8.75 Each

10-24 Pieces Total – $7.50 Each

25 or more are just $5.00 Each



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