I never used Lennypads to protect my furniture until this year.  However they were a lifesaver when it came to my cat Elvis.

Elvis was diagnosed with FIP, an illness that kills 1-3% of all cats in America.  The disease starts from something called a “Corona Virus”.  Elvis tested positive for that virus 3.5 years ago.  I cleared his energy, hoping that the virus could be unseated and leave before it bloomed into FIP.

However the next year Elvis did not seem any better.  When I brought Elvis into the vet, he tested positive for Corona again.  I steadied myself for taking care of a family member who is terminally ill.  I also upped my energy work on Elvis’s body.

Yet in spite of all my efforts, Elvis continued to go downhill steadily.  Elvis was always a well-behaved cat; he always used the litter boxes. I didn’t ever have to worry about him having an “accident” until he got sick.

I have several dog/cat beds placed around my home.  I LOVE my bean bag “Shags” beds, so I have 2 of them; a large one and a medium one.  I  also have a dog bed that looks like a tiny couch, a dog/cat teepee from P.L.A.Y. and a few other circular fuzzy beds.  Elvis started peeing on ALL OF THEM.

I talked to him about it. The fact that he was peeing on the dog beds meant that I had to wash them, each time praying that the pee hadn’t gotten onto the carpet. When I asked him about it, Elvis replied: “The dogs are way too happy”.

In other words, Elvis felt crappy and wanted the girls to feel crappy too.  I understood his position. When I tried to come to some type of compromise with him, he refused.  Fighting with Elvis over something that was going to drag both of us down into a battle of wills was not something I wanted to do with my terminally ill, gorgeous, soul mate cat.  I had to figure a solution out.

Then I had an epiphany.  That happens often when you are actively working with your angels.  I lined the beds with Lennypads, then threw washable blankets and towels  over the beds & the pads.

I was proud of my solution.  It didn’t work as well with the SHAGS beds because they were pouffy and hard to cover completely.  However it helped me keep from losing my mind having to wash the dog beds constantly.

If Elvis was a young cat, or a cat that wasn’t terminally ill with FIP, I might have taken a stand to make him behave better.  But to me, the most loving solution was to use the Lennypads.  I am so grateful to the people who created this product.  Elvis and I had more time together, time that was poignant and precious rather than confrontational.

Instead of cleaning up furniture or fighting with Elvis about the “rules” I could meet him on his own terms. We both kept our dignity & sanity.  Even though Lennypads weren’t made for cats, they have helped me give my cats the life that they deserve

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