Telling people, I have 4 cats comes with the question; “How do you keep your home smelling clean?” This question usually comes from non-cat owners. It also makes me aware of keeping my home cleaning and smelling fresh. Most of my life I have always had 1-2 cats in my home. Now that number has increased up to 4 cats, not including the foster kittens I take care of during the summer, therefore, I have several reasons to have a fresh scent treatment in my home.

I have tested 2 air fresheners, Pet Head’s “Crazy Cat Lady” and Pet House “Mango Peach” spray. In addition, I tried 2 of the Pet House candles; “Lavender Green Tea” and “Fresh Citrus”.

My sweet boy Elvis had an upset stomach and the litter box smell was so intense that I could smell it from a few rooms away! I used both spray’s and it had neutralized the smell almost completely and instantaneously. When the smell was very bad, I would spray before entering the room, so I could clean his litter box without fainting.

When you have a sick animal, you become grateful for the little miracles. While Elvis gets sick now and then, I continue to use the Pet House Peach Mango Spray. I spray it everywhere, and I am grateful for the clean Mango Peach smell replacing the pungent smell of a litter box.

When I first started using both sprays, I thought I liked the Crazy Cat Lady Spray better. However, after using them for a month, I enjoyed them both. The Mango Peach has a fruitier smell and the Crazy Cat Lady has an earthy smell. I suggest you try them both to find a perfect fit for your family.

The Pet House Candles has several advantages too. They are soy candles, therefore, you do not need to worry about animal products being used to make them. They are packaged in a jar with a lid, so you cannot overflow the candle and use the lid to put the flame out. In addition, the candles will last you 60-70 hours of burn time. Both scents that I tried had a fruity or a new age scent.

Recently, I went to BlogPaws with Samson and Pet House sent a small candle with my order. I was fortunate I had brought it along because he had an upset stomach the first evening we were there and left the bathroom smelling bad. I was sharing a room and did not want to offend my roommate, so I used the candle. I placed the candle on the bathroom counter and within minutes there was a fresh and clean smell!

I recommend that you try both the Pet House candle and sprays and the Crazy Cat Lady spray. I will be purchasing new bottles and candles as kitten’s season will be here soon and I will have a house of kittens to take care of. This makes me grateful for these products because I do not have to worry about offending my human house guests!


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