Red Heart with 24 karat Gold Luster


Ceramic Red & Gold heart four by four inches, with gold ribbon to hang it. Great gift to show someone how much they mean or give to yourself as a happy energy gift!

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Want to let someone know that they have your heart?? Give them a symbolic one to watch over them when you aren’t around! Need to raise the feng Shui in a certain area of your house? Red is a sure ticket !Nothing does it better than a handmade ceramic heart with 24K gold luster on it.

Four inches by four inches. These hearts are made by rolling out a sheet of clay, then stamping it with a heart design that Ann has created. After that, she cuts the clay, lets it dry to leather hard. Then the edges are rounded by hand. Then the heart is completely dried. After it is dried, the hearts go thru a first, bisque fire. Then the heart is glazed with a calypso red glaze and fired again. After the second firing, a coat of 24 karat gold is added and then the heart is fired again. The luster fire is very dangerous, and must be done with proper ventilation. Once the heart is created, a ribbon is added to hang from.

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