Spirituality can be daunting for those that have never explored it before. The idea of trying to connect with the world and thinking about our place within it can be scary, especially as there are still so many unknowns. For people that have never thought about what the idea of God means to them or whether they think that there is life after death, it’s difficult to know where to start spirituality.

However, spirituality isn’t just about big questions and in-depth philosophical and ethical debates. It’s also about practice. Living a life guided by spirituality means engaging with spiritual practices on a daily basis, and that is always the best place to start.

Here are some of the best spiritual practices for beginners:


When people first get interested in spirituality, they often spend a lot of time reading books and engaging with lots of different ideas, but they never take the time to quiet down and just listen to themselves. Everybody’s spiritual journey is different and listening to yourself is incredibly important. Here in the west there is a common misconception about meditation in that it’s often seen as a way to beat anxiety and focus your mind. While meditation is in fact useful for those things, true meditation is about finding silence and moving beyond your ego so you can truly listen to yourself. If you want to explore spirituality and find answers, learning this skill is the first step.

Psychic Readings 

People tend to be fascinated by life after death. If this is something that you want to explore and you want to connect with those that have passed beyond this world, you should consider a psychic reading. There are even organizations like Psychic Lights that offer readings over the phone with a variety of different psychic experts. Psychic readings are an effective practical way to explore the possibility of life after death and see whether you are able to make connections with other parts of our reality that are not immediately visible to us. For more in-depth information on how it might be possible to connect with either a human or pet that has crossed over, please email me at annmariehoff@aol.com.

Breathing Exercises 

Focusing on your breathing is the simplest way to connect with your body and ground yourself. However, so many people do not know how to breathe properly. This might sound strange to you because everybody assumes that they know how to do this. In order to breathe properly, when you inhale, your stomach should inflate fully.  When your stomach inflates, you get a good breath in and the oxygen circulates fully around your body. Being more mindful about your breathing is a good way to get into the habit of being more present in your day-to-day life. It will have a positive impact on your energy levels too. There are specific techniques that will help you engage in specific spiritual breathing techniques.  These techniques will help you connect with your mind and body.

If you are new to spirituality and are looking for a way to start exploring your own self and your place in the world, I suggest you start with some of the best practices listed above.

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