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Meet the family...


Lucie- Bichon dog around town. Lucie is known as “The Hugging Dog” She has been a therapy dog for 9 years now, calling on Tucson Medical Center and Cornerstone Hospital to make people happy and feel loved by her hugs!

Totally responsible for reviewing all the dog products unless she gets help from another dog friend.


A world traveller, Samson has visited 32 States and counting. On his days home, Samson loves to hang out outside, eat Inaba treats and bangs cabinet doors.

A true one of a kind, Samson is gentle, funny and loves wearing his sunglasses with other funny hats so that humans laugh and have a better day!

Samson is on Instagram as @Samson_Speaks, and he is a certified therapy pet with PetVIP.

Watch for new things coming- Samson is starting a fan club.


Buffy is two years older than Samson. She was Ann Marie’s first foster kitten in Tucson.

Buffy loves to eat! She enjoys playing with cat toys, eating cheese, tearing up paper towel rolls and laying on her back when sleeping.

She has the smallest body frame, but LOVES to eat so is slightly plump!


Peaches is a true beauty. Though she is one of Ann Marie’s foster fails, Peaches is an incredible looking Ragdoll cat. She has supermodel legs, gorgeous hair and a glitzy attitude.

Peaches enjoys playing with Ann Marie’s jewelry she is making by grabbing the wire and running thru the house with it! Peaches likes catfood that has fish in it, and all kinds of treats. She likes lightweight toys like crinkly balls, yarn toys and wand toys.

Samson fell in love with Peaches the moment she came home as a foster kitten. Peaches siblings were very ill, and she was the only one of 4 siblings to survive. Now, Peaches hangs out mainly in the bedroom closet. She loves holding paws with Samson & eating Inaba Cat treats. Peaches is always happy, as long as she isn’t in the same room with a human she doesn’t know.


Redford is the youngest product tester. He loves to play so he is the first one that tests the cat toys.

He loves new treats, playing outside and climbing trees. Most nights you will see Redford and Samson on the couch grooming each other, cuddling and purring.

Redford escaped out the doggie door on night when he was my foster and got caught by a coyote. Two days later, he showed up again in the kitchen, holding his paw up. Redford had a broken leg and a 3 inch gash in his abdomen. Redford was medically treated, then put on a 6 months rabies hold.

At 8 months old, Ann was the only mom Redford knew. At Samson’s prodding, Redford was given his forever home.

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