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I just wanted to thank you again for your assistance with my dog, Louie. We are definitely communicating so much better and I can really feel the ‘partnership’ he was trying to have with me. We’re both happier and not only is he minding me much better I think I am ‘minding’ him much better, too. I just wanted you to know that your gifts made a real difference to both of us.

We love when Ann comes to speak at beaglefest! She involves the whole audience, and her insight is amazing. She “reads” the audience member’s pets regardless of whether or not the dog is present, and many times has information for the audience members too! A very talented, sincere and insightful speaker, Ann is always a sure hit!


Owner, Beagle Rescue

The thread running through all of her work is that of Universal truth and honoring consciousness of all: animals, spiritual energies and humans alike.


I am proud to endorse and recommend Ann Marie Hoff for her wonderful and insightful work with our Rescue Dogs. Ann Marie has really gotten to the bottom of some behavioral issues that we have had with a few our Foster Dogs. I found her information to be both accurate and educational; and, I look forward to speaking with her every time. Ann Marie truly has incredible passion, conviction, and a heart of gold!

Derek Phelps

Owner, Small Paws Rescue

In one hour on the phone with Ann, I gained the clarity, empowerment and freedom I so hungered for. I saw that I had unconsciously created my predicament, how I had done it and how to resume creating the life I love instead. We uncovered a superstition I had had about fear and transformed my relationship with fear.


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