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Animal CommunicationJust because animals cannot speak English does not mean they do not communicate. Ann gets messages from animals in a variety of ways. Younger animals tend to send more pictures, and as they get older they send more words. When Ann is channelling medical information, she feels the way the animal feels in it’s body, and will feel the “leg pain” or shoulder pain herself. The animals that live with us have distinct personalities within a species, for example dogs do not lie, and cats tend to “get even” when you upset them, something most dogs are not capable of.

How do you do sessions with cats and dogs over the phone? What should I expect?
With phone sessions, Ann picks up the vibration of the pet over the phone line. Many “fear” issues come from the past with animals, and yet they have the ability to have their energy cleared and to live totally in present time. Humans and dolphins are the only animals that cry. Cats & dogs often get their feelings out by peeing. Many of them have what is similar to a post traumatic stress response–they keep overlaying the past onto the present. When their energy is cleared, this goes away. That takes away the urge, the desire, and then they will give up the behavior. Cats may have a totally different spin on behavior. Ann had a cat that was peeing on a woman’s boyfriend’s clothes because the cat wanted them to break up. Ann evaluates and treats each unique situation. Pets see and react to earthbound spirits. This can cause behavior issues. Cats, dogs, horses can manifest emotions and situations repressed by their humans.
Has Ann always been able to talk to animals?
When I was six, I had a cat meet me in a very obscure place in the barn at precisely 4:30 only on weekdays. I heard “you are to be an animal psychic” inside my head for years. In retrospect, this was a gift that had not manifested earlier simply because I didn’t try.
Will I have to make my other pets leave the house when we do a reading?
No, I connect with the spirit of the animal thru its name and description.
Do I have to have the pet present?
No, I have read thousands of dogs and cats at humane society functions, without the pet being present. The physical presence makes no difference. Animals from the other side may come thru also.

We love when Ann comes to speak at beaglefest! She involves the whole audience, and her insight is amazing. She “reads” the audience member’s pets regardless of whether or not the dog is present, and many times has information for the audience members too! A very talented, sincere and insightful speaker, Ann is always a sure hit!


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I’m looking forward connecting with you and your pets. Just follow the link below and let’s start the journey! – Ann

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