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Ann-Marie HoffAnn Hoff comes from a working hog and dairy farm, in Northwestern Illinois, which raised out their calves, had plenty of cats and always a dog or two. When she was eight, she took the money she had made feeding crippled pigs and bought a horse. She has had horses ever since. As a child, she had numerous upper respiratory and sinus infections, missing more days of grade school than attending because of the illnesses. Ann lived with the threat of death always present, was isolated socially from friends and animals always played an important part in her life. Ann Hoff Animal CommunicatorRaised Presbyterian, she saw God in nature. Ann outgrew her illnesses as a teenager, only to struggle with upper back pain in her twenties (a survivor of nine car accidents and a horse fall that broke her scapula, she comes by her pain honestly). Being in the pharmaceutical industry, she went to numerous doctors that treated the pain with drugs. This worked fairly well for many years, though the pain levels were steadily increasing. Then one day she was put on a combination of drugs which caused her to pass out while driving. THAT WAS A WAKE-UP CALL. It became obvious the drugs were band-aids, not a cure. Searching for a permanent change in her pain status, she became open to any and all methods of pain relief. This brought her to a workshop by Doreen Virtue on mediumship.Even though she had never done it before, Ann was one of the best intuitive mediums there. Six months later, she started hearing and working with spirit guides. Ann as a childToday, Ann takes minimal medication and controls her pain with spiritual housekeeping and cranial sacral massage. Ann has a double undergraduate degree in Animal Science and Studio Art from University of Wisconsin – Platteville, and a Masters of Animal Science from the University of Arizona. Before becoming a medium she was a pharmaceutical rep specializing in launching new medical compounds. Ann has a third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and ran a dojo with a partner for 14 years. She owns and shows paint horses, has two-reserve world championship, numerous state championships and top ten world placings. Ann enjoys movies, is a serious reader, and loves to dance. She currently has 2 cats, 2 dogs and three horses, all of which live with her.

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