Soul Coaching

Only two beings like change: A baby in a dirty diaper and someone in pain…

Life is change, whether we want it to be or not. We came here to learn, grow, create our lives, not to hide in the closet and wish the world to go away. In working with Ann, you talk to your angels and soul guides, who know the situations you are in, the people around you, the possibilities, the truth. The truth of what the main players think, what the outcomes are, and where the pitfalls are.

Most clients call Ann when the wheels come off the wagon: they are in the ditch and need help being towed out. Then after nothing from them for six months, they call panic stricken again in a new dilemma. It is much better to have a bi-monthly or monthly call. Then we can look at potential pitfalls and avoid them. Where subtle changes can be made so we don’t have to make harder choices later on. Are you ready for real lasting change in your life?

Are you tired of getting thru life by numbing yourself with alcohol / exercise / food / sugar / working / reality TV / drugs / fill in the blank?

Do you hear the voice of your soul telling you there is more to life, but you don’t know how to find it?

Do you have decisions to make that you would love to have help with? Do you wish you had a crystal ball that you could look into the future?

While the angels don’t make decisions for you, they can look at the possibilities, explaining what probable outcomes would be.

With their help thru Ann, you will make real and lasting change in your life. You will overcome blocks, change thought forms that are crippling, and get into the grace and flow of spirit. This will result in a quick solution of your problems and a return to peace. You will start to live the life you want.  You will have that life with less stress, less wasted time, more money and more freedom. The misery of loathing and fear will leave. You will return to your most authentic spirit. The happiness that is your birthright will come bubbling up.

I have two plans for soul coaching with your angels:

  1. One 55-minute call once a month, or 2 thirty minute calls per month. Along with 1 webinar about a topic on creating your best life. You can add additional sessions for 10% off the hourly fee. $310/month, minimum 3 months. After 6 months, the contract will be re-evaluated for fit.
  2. Two 55 minute sessions a month, two webinars a month, and an additional “crisis” or “crossroads” session available within 24 hours if necessary. 1 webinar, and 1 pdf. With information that is pertinent to your growth as recommended by the angels. $610/month, minimum 3 months, contract re-evaluation at 6 months.
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