Animal Lover

a book by Ann Hoff

Animal Lover by Ann HoffAnimal Lover is a fascinating look at how animals REALLY think and feel. If you are an animal lover, you will see yourself reflected in these pages. Animal Lover is filled with actual events between humans and their pets. It contains the five major reasons a pet psychic is called, with actual situations in each. It also is interlaced with flashbacks of the author’s own life, that moulded her connection with the Universe, humans and animals.

Animal lover reveals that the love shared with our pets is everlasting, existing far beyond the physical realm. Animals come to teach us, protect us, make us laugh, give us companionship, among other things. They do not come randomly into our lives. After you reading Animal Lover, you will believe in Magic again.

In my 50-plus years as a publicist, I have promoted over 3,000 books. Rarely have I dug as deeply into a literary work as I have with Animal Lover. The result is a satisfying psychic interchange of love and respect between me and my animal pets. Thank you, Ann Marie Hoff.

Irwin Zucker

Owner, Promotion in Motion

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Animal Lover: One Woman's Fascinating Journey to Uncover the Spiritual Purpose of Pets

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Buy Animal Lover on Amazon

Buy Animal Lover on Amazon

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