Animal Communication

  • Do you want a closer connection to your pet, or want them to BEHAVE and understand the house rules?
  • Ever wonder how your pets feel when they’re sick, or need to find out what their wishes are for end of life decisions?
  • Want to know what your pet’s purpose is in your life, whether or not you have been together before?
  • Find the answers to these and other questions by booking a session with me.
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Soul Coaching

  • Are you tired of getting thru life by numbing yourself with alcohol / exercise / food / sugar / working / reality TV / drugs / fill in the blank?
  • Do you hear the voice of your soul telling you there is more to life, but you don’t know how to find it?
  • Do you have decisions to make that you would love to have help with?
  • Book one on one Skype / phone sessions with Ann
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Internationally collected ceramics, pastels & giclees of cats & dogs (including portraits of YOUR unique animal), and handmade jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones that enhance your life experiences while being exquisite to wear.

Animal Communicator

Insight and solutions into behavior issues with your pets, help locating lost pets, input from angels and your pet on end of life decisions, contacting animals that have passed, and how your pet is feeling from a health standpoint.

Intuitive Medium

Ann is able to bridge the gap between two planes of existence, that of the living and that of the dead, by providing evidential proof of life after death with concise information.

Beyond Spoiled

Beyond Spoiled

At least twice a week, I am told that my dogs are spoiled. And instead of denying this, I respond  with a simple: "Thank you. I work very hard to have that be true." This of course leaves most of these people opened mouthed, staring at me strangely. Because I...

The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift

Teachers We have all had them. Some good, some not so good, most leaving lasting memories, and a scant few emboldened you to be something greater than you would have been otherwise. Leaving you with the greatest gift. Some of my art professors are dead now. And...

I had a reading at Celebrate Your Life with Ann Marie. She nailed it. She told me about an issue I was having with my life that my departed grandmother had been helping me with, and she shed light on an issue with pets that was 100% accurate.

Lin Suitko

In my 50-plus years as a publicist, I have promoted over 3,000 books. Rarely have I dug as deeply into a literary work as I have with Animal Lover. The result is a satisfying psychic interchange of love and respect between me and my animal pets. Thank you, Ann Marie Hoff

Irwin Zucker

Owner, Promotion in Motion

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