My pets support me in a plethora of ways. I know that when I come home from a hard day, my dogs will be waiting to go for their walk, like it is the most pleasurable and important event of the millennium . That snaps my values back into place and puts myriad of trivial issues from the work day into proper perspective. My cat Elvis has come with the spiritual purpose to entertain me and make me laugh; to make sure that I do not take this life too seriously. My cat Spike grounds me, protects my head while I sleep, and demands that I honor and pet him. That is pertinent, because I have a habit of getting too busy, ignoring daily life.

An  important way  my dogs support me the most is to participate in joining me in Sacred Space. Tbis is a ritual I do each day with my dogs, and we take it very seriously, yet it is filled with frolic. Below is an excerpt from my new book “Animal Lover: One woman’s journey to uncover the spiritual purpose of pets” in which I describe Sacred Space, and how to create it for yourself with your animals.  (Animal Lover; one woman’s fantastic journey to uncover the spiritual purpose of pets” is available on Amazon.


Build something into your pet’s life that has a positive charge to it (you can do this for yourself as well; see Wealth Without a Job, by Phil Laut and Andy Fuehl). This will be an experience that you keep adding good things to, helping to reinforce the relationship with your pet (In Merle’s Door, it was a song). Patsy and I had a song as well, “Snuggle Puppy.”(Snuggle Puppy! By Sandra Boynton). Adding words to music is a great way to anchor positive feelings in your four-legged family.

With my dogs, I do something that I call puppies on the bed. I lie on the bed, rub their tummies, and sing a song about puppies on the bed with much enthusiastic happiness in my voice. It’s a very positive experience for all of us and it also grounds me. We come back to a space of love that is ours. It reminds us there’s nothing more important in the world. No matter what happens, we are still going to have puppies on the bed and be together. That alone is important, especially to dogs that once did not have a home.

This exercise works if you have a frightened dog. By saying “puppies on the bed,” the dog that was barking at the front door comes running for some loving. Because you cannot be in fear and love at the same time, it will help bring a dog away from the edge of fear. My dogs will come immediately because they love doing “puppies on the bed.”

With declaration, a sacred space is created, and a sharing of love that is very important for all involved. It’s a big gift you can share with your dogs. It shows them that you love them, you care about them, and that they are a priority in your life. It is also something that you can enjoy as well. That is the great thing about dogs; if you are happy, they will be happy too.

By choosing an event and repeating it, you add the aspect of ritual and fun for your dog. Other ideas include creating “Puppies on Parade,” a special time in the kitchen or in the back yard, or a walk in sacred space.

Finally, I really suggest that you don’t do a sacred space event around food. Contrary to popular belief, not every dog or cat is motivated by food. Also, if they happen to have full bellies when you want to connect with them, they may not respond. Even if they often seem to live for food, they don’t all the time. It’s good to save food for other motivational needs.


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