Excerpt from the upcoming book Animal Lover

“Because dogs and cats still live in the original state of connectedness with Being, they can help us regain it. When we do so, however, that original state deepens and turns into awareness” ~ Eckhart Tolle
What is the worth of your dog? Do you consider your dog family? Ninety-one percent of people with dogs have more pictures of the dog in their wallet than they do of any other family member. How does their dog add to your family, to your household? Dogs have a purpose and they like a job. What is your dog’s purpose? Do you know?
Many seriously ill people hold onto life because of their commitment

to their pets. They don’t want their dog or cat to be alone. Many more are inspired by the exuberant happiness pets have. With that being true, they can get out of bed in the morning.
Pets come with a purpose, and they need a job. If you don’t give them a job, they may create a job you don’t like. It makes sense to give your dog a task that makes your life easier and actu- ally adds to the health of the family unit.
An example of an unwanted profession is your dog barking at anyone that walks past the house. Numerous dogs will create a job similar to what they are bred to do, (i.e., a border collie meant to herd sheep may try to “herd” the cats constantly). As a puppy, my border collie, Mandy, would pull on the ears of my Nubian goat, trying to get the goat to run so she could chase her and herd her. As a result, my goat’s ears were shredded. Many working breeds of dogs are meant to work at least eight hours, so a simple walk around the neighborhood is not going to get them to wear out.
How do you show your pet you love them? What part of the day are you and your pet on the same wavelength? Do you schedule time to be together each day? From four to six every afternoon, I walk with my dogs for an hour. That is their time and it is sacred. No excuses not to go. Actually, we’ve struck a deal: they don’t bark during the day when I am working, and we always walk an hour between four and six.
Pets teach us about unconditional love, acceptance and com- munication. Cats and dogs are like apples and oranges, different but like fruit in the same bowl, can exist harmoniously in the same space. My household fur family and that of many of my cli- ents co-exist as proof. It is not a coincidence when either species crosses your path in life. Both cats and dogs can begin as spirit guides or angels so concerned about their charges that they man- ifest into physical form. This devotion is truly unmatched.
Recently, I had at least three cats come through to me that were also spirit guides to their humans. As spirit guides, they were being ignored, so they solved this problem by coming into physical form as cats.
Cats can rub up against people, or sit on laps and purr. As such, they have the ability to help ground and influence their owners.
One of the cats brought up the subject of meditating to his purr— he could get his human into a meditative alpha wave state with his purring. He was never able to do that as a spirit guide.
Many cats and dogs come into a person’s life to help them expand their purpose. For example, my purpose is that of a messenger, to increase people’s knowledge of animals, and to transmit messages from spirit. My dog, Patsy, came to me, and helped me interact with people that needed those messages. Patsy had an amazing knack for finding people who needed my help in their lives.
Pets I have encountered exist to support their owners. They do this by having an auxiliary role in our core purpose, loving us, and facilitating the meeting of key individuals in our lives. They can also manifest our illnesses, take on our emotional energy, and help ground us. They allow us to express a previously untold emotion that resides inside. Pets hold a mirror up to us, allowing us to see ourselves through loving eyes. Anyone who has lost his temper chastising a pet knows that the pet practices what Jesus taught, turning the other cheek. Not only do pets create situa- tions that support us, they also introduce us to many people and other animal lovers. I am always amazed at the look people get on their faces when they see a happy dog. Humans’ protective armor dissolves and melts away when they see a friendly pet.
Having the skill to channel information from humans and an- imals has allowed me to know both species better than if I only interacted with one. It has given me insight into comparisons and hidden corollaries. If there are problems with an animal, the root of that problem is usually their human; the pet may be acting out, or carrying the brunt of the emotionally charged atmosphere in the home. It can be very similar to how a codependent family member exists in an addict’s household.
The vital function that pets fulfill in this world hasn’t been fully recognized. They keep millions of people sane. They have become guardians of being.
~ Eckhart Tolle

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