plexidor elvis 2plexidor gracie 2Working full time from home was pure joy for me and my herd of cats & dogs. When I did travel it I would take my dogs to their dog friends, and they would have a doggie sleepover. I really recommend this versus being housed in a kennel. The cats would have the neighbors come over and feed them.

A year ago, I started working outside the house full time, plus additional events. My pets were alone sometimes 12 hours a day. They had accidents, even though they are really good dogs. The cats ran outside in the morning and had to wait until I came home to get back inside.

I looked into getting a doggie door for the sliding glass door that I have going out to my backyard; the cost was prohibitive, they looked ugly, and leaked expensive air conditioned air. I looked at other options, like the cats & dogs using a chair in the living room to get up to the windowsill and outside. The cats could come both ways, but the girls were stuck out in the back yard, they couldn’t figure out how to jump back in-.even with a chair on the outside. I started leaving the back sliding door open, saying a blessing that no one bad would find out my house was unlocked.

Then I found Plexidoor. They have a center slit, so that none of the precious cooled air is released into the outside. My door sits up off the ground a few inches, so that dirt is kept under control. The door is a sheet of shatterproof resistant acrylic. The Plexidoor frame is made of aluminum, and locks by a key very easily. If my Lucie decides it is a “Howl at the Coyotes” night, I can lock the door. If I go away on a trip, I can cover the door with a sliding panel that locks and secures the house. All my animals are around the same size- Elvis is 18 pounds, Spike is 16 pounds, (my two boy cats) and Lucie is 14 pounds, Gracie is 22 pounds (Gracie apparently is not a purebred Bichon, because she weighs over 16 pounds).

As a pet psychic, I have to be able to explain my actions to them in a logical way. When Elvis comes to the living room window to be let in the house, my explanation that he has to go to the back room and enter thru the pet door does not register as a logical answer in his mind. Elvis’s solution is for me to get up off the couch and open the window. When he is next to the door, he uses it, I just have to remind him he can ALWAYS be by the door.

I am blogging on behalf of BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network ( and Plexidoor. I have received compensation for my time from Plexidor for sharing my views in this post, but the views are expressly mine.

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