Today there is an abundance of TV reality shows about ghosts. Shows like Ghost Hunters, The Dead Files, even a drama called Ghost Whisperer. I am a medium, and talk to beings on the other side, both in heaven and earthbound. Both animals and humans can be earthbound. This is of the reasons I campaign against sending pets to the “rainbow bridge”. It is waiting to get into heaven, not heaven itself, which mean those animals are earthbound.
Here is an excerpt from my book, Animal Lover, where I discuss earthbound beings:

I get information from my spirit guides if a situation is caused by earthbound interference (more commonly known as ghosts). They can be an animal, like a dog or cat, or a person. I used to hesitate to discuss the energy interference because it meant I was one of the woo-woo crowd. Someone who talked to the dead and believed in ghosts. What I discovered during these phone sessions is that 90 percent of the people that have an earthbound spirit present in their lives knows it is there. They know because the phone rings every morning at nine, or the dog barks in the corner of the kitchen every night at ten, or looks up at the ceiling incessantly when it seems nothing is there.

Cats and dogs both can see spiritual etheric beings, often interacting with them and trying to protect their humans from them. Earthbound spirits are not the same as someone who has “crossed over.” They remain like the person they were when they were alive, only now they don’t have a body.

In Temple Grandin’s book, Animals Make Us Human, she mentions one of the family dogs going to a window, looking at another house and barking. She had no idea why that was happening. Reading this, I got a hit that there was a ghost in that other house. That’s what the dog was barking at. The reason for this behavior is something a dog trainer may not notice. When I am called in, I can disperse the energy so that the dog is no longer freaked out by whatever is in the corner, or in the house next door.

Another example of this came from a client of mine that had a dog that suddenly started barking in the living room every night. When I looked at the situation, I saw an ex-husband who had recently died, who was coming back to be around my client. Although she was now married to another man, the ex-husband wanted a second chance. He didn’t want to transition to heaven until he made his peace with her.

Some earthbound spirits have been on this plane for a long time. I once did a session in a brand new house containing the spirit of an American Indian woman. She had been killed during a skirmish between tribes. She had been looking for her son to make sure he was safe: for the last two hundred years. She heard me speaking and came into the room to see if I could help her. She was quite happy when she found I could send her on to heaven and that her son was already there.

The earthbound state is a limbo state. The spirit has no body, no energy of its own, and will attach to a person or a place. If it is manifesting (opening doors, flicking lights, interacting with pets) it is getting the energy from somewhere. This energy can come from the house (lights, a computer, or the phone) or another human.

Many times people who have autoimmune diseases (chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, lupus) or an unexplained illness have an earthbound energy around them. If an earthbound spirit is manifesting, they are receiving energy from somewhere. If spirits are earthbound, it is because of a choice they made, usually out of fear of the unknown. This decision can be made because of a sudden death, suicide, wanting to hold onto physical things (like money) on this side, or looking for something or someone on this side, to name a few precise cases. We all have free will, which transcends physical death; we always have a choice. Some earthbound spirits remain because they are fearful of heaven.

When I am called for a session, earthbound spirits may put obstacles in my way, because my car or a client’s car to break down, disconnect phones, make time warps, hide phone numbers, or interfere with electricity. It is, therefore, prudent to have a sense of humor and patience when working with earthbound spirits.

Earthbound beings usually have sadness, grief, and a clingy vibration. Many times I see them as dark shadows or shapes, not vibrant, loving beings.
With earthbound spirits, I respect them by finding out why they made the decision to stay here on earth instead of ascending to heaven. If I can, I help them come to peace with those aspects that are keeping them from crossing over. Then I facilitate their journey to the other side.

When sending an earthbound spirit to heaven, anything in that spirit that is not of God (what you might call evil, or “bad things” that they had done) will burn off in the light of heaven. Think of a dark room. Once you turn on a light, all the shadows dissolve. Darkness, or evil, disappears when the light is turned on.

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