Ranch Reading

From: $240.00

Please note: This session requires a minimum booking of 2hrs.

  • Are you a horse owner that would love to know your horse better?
  • Want to understand that weird thing your horse does?
  • Have multiple horses plus a few dogs?

Ann WIll visit ranches anywhere in Arizona and parts of Southern California. At boarding stables, get multiple horse owners together to enjoy the differences in your horses’ personalities!


Your minimum 2-hour session can be booked with me on the phone or here online.

It will take 10-30 minutes to talk to a 1 horse, depending on the issues they have, the questions you have and how chatty the horse is. You can also talk to any other animal on the ranch.

Because Ann Marie is a Medium, there is a possibility that deceased loved ones will come thru so decide if you would like to talk to them beforehand.


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