Information and Items needed
before heaven ceremony is performed:
1. Thenameofapersoninheavenwhowouldcomedownandget the pet. Preferably a deceased human family member, or good friend. Most people can think of the name of someone in heaven.
The best possible candidate is, of course, someone who knew and
loved your pet.
2. Thenameofspiritualbeingsthatwillparticipate.IuseSt.Anthony,
St. Francis, Jesus, Archangel Raphael. All are great with animals. Ask for who you are familiar with, and will feel comfortable with. I was raised Presbyterian, but have found the Catholic saints do a great job, so I use them. Jewish clients have asked for Abraham, Sufis use Rumi or Hafiz.
3. Foragroupceremony,haveastoryormemoryofthepettoshare: this is completely optional. I have found when you have loved ones gathered; sharing memories is helpful and soothing.
4. Method of disposal of body, if hasn’t already been done (This ceremony can be done after body has been disposed of).
Below is the text of a passing to heaven ceremony that I have given. The words can be adjusted so you can make it your own. This can be done when you are by yourself, or with a group of family or friends that knew your pet.
“We have gathered together today to say goodbye to the spirit of (name of pet). I am asking for a few moments of silence, during which (name of pet) has the opportunity to share with those present experiences that defined (name of pet) life on earth.
Does anyone present want to share a memory? Please acknowledge the love, laughter and joy that (name of pet) brought into our lives, allowing (name of pet) to comprehend that (his or her) impact on our lives was life affirming.
After everyone willing to share is done describing his or her experiences continue with:
“Realize that though (name of pet) has dropped their body, the spirit continues. Because of the love for (name of pet) we are releasing them to Heaven”
Then say the following:
“I am ordering the part of myself that knows how, to do the following; “I am now asking (insert names of spirit guides that personally have meaning to you per prior examples) along with (insert heaven-based loved one) to come down from heaven to meet the spirit of (name of pet) and take (name of pet) back to heaven with them. I am asking for this to start now, and continue until complete. I am asking for (the family member/friend in heaven) so that (the pet) knows that they are returning to the perfect loving light of God, and are joining loved ones in heaven. I now release the spirit of (name of pet) to the loving spiritual beings that have come to escort (name of pet) to heaven. I am asking for his process to start now, and continue until all are enfolded in the loving warmth of God in heaven.”
“I turn over to God all information that isn’t for our highest good that is involved with my relationship with (name of pet). This includes but is not limited to; (our/my) sorrow, grief, frustrations, guilt over the way (name of pet) passed to the other side and anger over the circumstances. I am asking for forgiveness and the karma balanced, and that all negative situations that are funded by present time energy are surrendered to God.”
“I ask that God look at this evidence at his big desk to the total extent of Universal law, and I surrender all evidence to God so that he can make an informed decision. I understand that only God has the ability to judge events here on earth. I release all judgment, anger, and incorrect thinking I have about the situation to God. I realize that there is perfect order in God’s world, and though I do not see it now, there is a divine plan in the passing of (name of pet).”
“I am asking for angels to intervene, and help all that are not at peace with the situation. I ask they be given the comprehension that the love of God will resolve the situation, so no energy is spent bringing past negative memories into the present time. I ask that everyone here knows and feels the love surrounding us. I completely let go of (name of pet) and thank (him/her) for the gifts shared.”
This next part is optional:
“I am asking that all who think of and remember (name of pet) remember most what is truly real, the love that (name of pet) came to give and share with us, and the laughter, joy and companionship they have brought into our lives. I let go of all energy involved with (name of pet) for I know that in heaven, there is no time, space or fear so (name of pet) can be with us at the speed of thought. I am releasing (name of pet)’s spirit to the light of God, so that they are again on their spiritual path, and can return to me in another body if it is the pets and God’s will.
I know that love returns to love, and that love is real, it endures beyond the wall of death. I know that any negative energy will be dissolved in the light of heaven. I am grateful beyond measure that (name of pet) came into our lives, and I thank God for the joy, grace, beauty (fill in your own adjectives), laughter, peace and security (name of pet) brought into our lives.”
“I know that love, joy, and gratefulness are the highest emotions available to us, and I thank (name of pet) for bringing those lights into our lives. I ask that they go with joy and peace, not worrying about those left behind on the earth plane. I assure (name of pet) that their earth family will be well taken care of, and the love the (name of pet) shared remains a legacy, leaving all of us more capable to withstand loss, more capable of easy laughter, and more aware of genuine unconditional love. (Again, add humor or own adjectives).”
The most important issues are: that energy is released, no one is carrying needless guilt, and that the soul is in heaven. The end of ceremony is great time to bury the body, dispose of ashes, or bless the urn holding the ashes and set it in a place of honor.

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