It has been awhile since I have blogged, and I apologize. I had a busy fall, what with art fairs, finishing my book and testing for my fourth degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. November 22- 24th was the accumulation of it all- with my testing on Friday night and the Tucson Museum of Art Fair thru the weekend. Now, the night before Thanksgiving, I have the letdown feeling that I always get once a project is completed. I get this feeling when I complete a painting or sculpture, AND the creative project I have been working on for years, my BOOK is finally done.

The thing I have learned from years of creating is that this angst is pretty much always part of the cycle. The balance on the situation is when you finish something; it clears the decks so you can begin something new. However that energy that you engaged with the ending adventure is suddenly stopped. Every project is a love affair, and when it is done, there is sadness. However, when you make decisions, move towards a goal, give it your best shot, well, and then you can start again with new mile markers. It is how no limits becomes a reality, not just a dream that would be nice and happens to other people.

So, tonight, I have my Ugh night. The lull before the next moment sweeps me up, before I get involved in the next creative moment. Tomorrow, is that day of the year when the nation celebrates being thankful, and that is a day that the angels dance. It is by Grace, by celebrating, that we attract more of the same.

I wish for all of you, to find your path. With many of the spirit guide sessions I do, the guides point out that what happens is God doesn’t tell us to be an electrician or a plumper. What happens is that we are given passions, and are to CREATE who we came here to become. Many of us have come to be and do what hasn’t been created or named yet. That is our job. To take our passions in our heart, put them out in the world, so that everyone can benefit. For it is by sharing that a creation is advanced, and it is by being in the presence of others that we summon the God within ourselves.

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