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The pet door to heaven 


Dogs and cats can choose to stay on earth without their body after they die. Misconceptions are rampant about earthbound spirits. There are two main places a being can go when they die: what I would call heaven, or to remain earthbound- in this world.
Sometimes, it can be difficult to recognize the difference.
Earthbound beings stay in a limbo (here on earth without a body) that
contains their last memories at death. Many people that have earthbound pets take comfort in the fact that their pet is still around. I’ve heard many accounts of ghost pets getting onto beds at night, being heard padding across a wooden or tile floor, being petted, purring, even barking. The clients who are conveying these events usually want to feel that their earthbound pet is with them, but they do not realize that it is not the most ideal situation.
Living cats and dogs see earthbound spirits. An earthbound dog may be the alpha dog; keeping the role he had when he was alive. Other dogs see him and bow. Clients make statements like, “I want Janie to train my new puppy,” even though Janie has passed. They do not know that, spiritually, the dead Janie is actually in the room with them, just without her body.
When working with spirits that have stayed here on earth, I always honor them, find out why they stayed, and I honor that too. Sometimes it can be as simple as, “I want to guard my humans because no one else is there to do my job.” My recommendation is to help these spirits move on to heaven, or whatever you want to call the glorious place we and our pets have awaiting when we leave our physical bodies. Many pets reincarnate again in different bodies and come back to the same human and may even stay with that person for several lifetimes.
A pet on the other side (in heaven) can visit us at the speed of thought—instantly. Earthbound spirits, however, do not have access to unlimited energy, as do their counterparts in heaven. The spirit of a dog will stay with us very easily—all we have to do is want them to stay.
Of all the earthbound beings I’ve run across, though, a loyal dog or cat is the most benign. They don’t need so much energy that the humans they’re living with become sick. They don’t have malicious plans or intentions, or any desire to “get even.” Many of them simply are keeping the promise of service they have given their master—even after death.
The reasons pets stay earthbound are various. It could be because no replacement has appeared to take on their purpose, the owner has asked them to stay, or they have decided that whoever has come to take their job is inadequate. Staying earthbound could also be the result of an accident that surprised them and they weren’t ready to cross. The earthbound state essentially consists of remaining in the same context as in a living state, without a body. Personality is consistent in either situation.
I encounter more ghost dogs than I do ghost cats. Cats have a different outlook on life, and see death differently. Animals also reincarnate and come back to their original human in a new body.
From my experiences, I have found that if a person holds onto the ashes of a deceased pet, the (pet’s) earthbound spirit stays with them as well. In the many years I’ve been involved with animal mediumship, I have never talked to a pet on the other side that was in heaven when its owner kept the ashes from a cremation.
A pet’s owner doesn’t knowingly keep their pet out of heaven. Whether it is a thought like, “I want my pet to stay with me” or a physical longing of loss that keeps them earthbound is irrelevant. Many times the owner will be melancholy, because the presence of the animal’s spirit prevents them from healing and moving on.
When I explain the circumstances around being earthbound to my clients, they want to allow their animals to go to heaven. It seems that dogs are simply trying to comply with the beliefs of their humans. If you want to send your pet to heaven but keep their ashes, I have a blessing (see appendix) for you to do it yourself.
When a pet is in heaven, they can be with you at the speed of thought. You keep your memories, of your pet as well as the connection. The difference is, if the pet’s spirit doesn’t remain earthbound, they go up to heaven and they’re ecstatic. I can tell when animals are earthbound because they’re melancholy, or have pain in their body. They’re the way they were when they died; only they no longer have a tangible physical body. In heaven, it is sheer bliss.

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