A common response I have to animal communication is this: “I didn’t know this was even possible. I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long to contact you.”

Sometimes I am watching “My cat from Hell” or Cesar Milan’s new dog training show, and I hear the pet owner saying: “If only I could just TALK TO THEM and have them understand!” Only to have Jackson Galaxy to respond: “Well I can’t do that!” When he says that, I want to scream at the screen, “BUT I CAN DO THAT!!!” In fact, I can do that OVER THE PHONE, I don’t even have to be in the same state as the pet!

I have been doing Animal communication and mediumship both over twenty years now. I started this profession because of how MUCH it changes both animals and people’s lives for the better. Because if we talk to our animals, or realize that they UNDERSTAND what we say, we treat them better. We treat them more like the sentient beings that they actually are. Plus, the other reason I am doing this is that the Angels have told me it is my journey to do so.

When I was in pharmaceutical sales, I felt I was doing things to help people. I was educating doctors on medications that made people’s lives better. But that was nothing compared to the joy I bring into people’s lives today. Most people I work with know the intelligence of their pets, so it makes sense that communication telepathically is possible. Others take a chance that what I do is actually real and call me as a last ditch effort to achieve what they want.

The hysterical thing is that once I channel for you, you will realize that it is the real deal. I will have information that there is no way I should possess. I will know how your pets body feels, if they have back pain, why they don’t like their litter box, what their favorite treat is, and why they came to be YOUR pet.

So if you haven’t tried to use an animal communicator, what is stopping you? Really, I want to know. Because I can guarantee it will be an experience that makes your relationship with your pet better, or at least more understood.

Do you really want to wait until you get to heaven to find out that your cat didn’t use the litter box because they couldn’t stand the smell of the litter, not because they were trying to punish you for some reason? Or that your dog had cancer so you helped them cross over, only to find out in heaven that they didn’t feel that bad and wanted to live another year- or two?

Some things that you can use an animal communicator for:

  • Telling your pet that this is their forever home.
  • Finding out why they are limping/throwing up/coughing/not wanting to go outside anymore- in their own feelings & thoughts.
  • Asking your pet if they like their name, what they want to be called, if they want a nickname.
  • Bringing up anything they want you to know about their life before they came to you.
  • Any unwanted behavior issues, especially peeing & pooping issues (the number 1 behavioral issue I get called for).
  • Find out why they are afraid of the hallway/stairs/balloons/riding in the car.
  • Learn the reason they stare at a certain spot in the house even though you don’t see anything there (HINT: pets can see earthbound spirits, i.e. ghosts).
  • Update your pet on changes, like you are going on vacation, moving into a new house,
  • Does your pet like being the only one or do they want company? If they do want company, what kind of companion do they want? Why aren’t they eating? Do they feel okay?
  • End of life decisions. Let your pet have input into how their life transition plays out. It is the best way to not feel any guilt with your treatment of your pet after they leave.
  • Do they like their Vet/groomer/trainer/pet sitter?
  • What could make the experiences with those people even better?
  • Finding your lost pet.
  • Talking to your pet on the other side.
  • What is the spiritual purpose of your life with me?

This is by no means an inclusive list. There are as many conversations you can have with your pets as you can have with people. I put that here to show you that if you aren’t using an animal communicator or doing animal communication, there is a ton of information you are missing out on.

That’s the thing when animal behaviorists or scientists make comments on animal communication. They usually have no concept of what we do and how specifically accurate the information is that animal communicators receive. I know what an animal behaviorist does. But most of the ones I know have no idea what is possible with animal communication. Which makes me really wish they’d quit talking about something they know nothing about.

I have multiple clients that are Veterinarians. Especially integrative vets, because they know the kind of information I provide that makes their job easier. Also, their job is over when the pet passes, while animal communicators provide connection with the spirt beyond life, and are experts in grief consultations.

For example, the dog I talked that had been treated for Parvo and survived. The owner had spent $12,000 on the Pup, only to bring it home and have it not eat. When I talked to the dog, it had been intubated, and said their throat was too torn up from the tube to swallow dry food. The owner got some nutritional paste for the dog, which it could easily eat and the dog continued to make a full recovery. If she hadn’t found out about the throat, the dog wouldn’t have eaten.

Your pets really want to partner with you, so that you have no regrets when they leave your life. Becoming closer to them through animal communication can make that happen. If I have talked to your pets, you know what I am talking about. I would LOVE if you shared your story with your fellow pet owners. I want to help as many people and pets live their best lives as I possibly can, that is my purpose. You can help me with this by sharing with people how incredible animal communication is. That way, maybe in another twenty years, it will be an accepted practice, not something that only some people believe in, but one of the cornerstones of animal care.

That needs to happen, and that world will be better for animals and people alike. Any steps you can take to help with this, I would really appreciate.

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