As an artist, being creative can be liberating, and often, a lot of artists paint from the heart or from how they feel at that moment. Art, in any form, can often tell a story or emote feelings from those who see it in that it resonates with them. There are always ways to better yourself in whatever you do in life. Here are some tips on how to be a better artist.

Study The Experts

The experts started off the same way as anyone did who is currently trying to get their art out to a wider audience. You can learn something from watching and listening to others who are more renowned and reputable in their field of study. With art, there’s so much out there online and in the media to reflect back onto and to enhance your own work. Find those individuals who inspire you because these can be a great way of getting in touch with who you are as a painter or exhibitor. Become more knowledgeable in different techniques and ways of experimenting to truly give your art its own depth. The more you can study others, the better your art will become because you’ve got that extra knowledge that you didn’t have before.

Find Your Passions

What makes you passionate? Drawing, painting, however you like to create art is a passion. What you like to draw, or paint, can also be a passion of yours. Some like drawing landscape pictures, while others like drawing people. There are individuals who love to create more contemporary art and others who will try and mimic the classics. Finding your own passions is what’s going to make your artwork more unique, but also, it’s going to pull your focus in a direction that you can then work on more. If you’re trying to do a variety of things, chances are, you’ll have a number of good paintings, but you might not have any truly spectacular ones.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect is something we’re often told as children. You can certainly find a lot of perfection when you practice, even though perfection doesn’t really exist. As a painter or artist, you will likely critique your own work and how you could have made it better. Practicing is good, though, because you learn from mistakes and get better. Adult coloring books are very popular, even though they derive from childhood activities. It can help to practice your shading techniques or your ability to be precise.

Buy Better Art Supplies

Buying better art supplies is something that can directly impact the quality of your work. From the brushes to the paint, the canvas or material you work on, it can all make a big difference. Investing in your work is important, so as well as your research on your experts and techniques, spend money on the better quality tools you need for your craft.

Being a better artist is a life-long thing, so always look to find ways to improve it.


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