Have you ever thought about connecting with a departed loved one? What is stopping you?

Some are scared to talk to the other side, even through a certified medium. For me, the excitement of talking to loved ones on the other side outweighed my fear of the unknown. I can tell you now, after channeling as a medium for over twenty years, there is nothing to be afraid of. Not if you go through a certified medium (stay away from Ouija boards. They can open doorways to other places besides heaven).

Still, others think it is a hoax. I can tell you, that is the last thing from the truth. The information comes through so fast and so specific that there is no way I would be remembering all of it even if I “googled” you and studied the information for several weeks. The other take-home there is that there is intelligence out there keeping track of all this information, ordering it and making it accessible.

Many of the sessions I have done for people have been the most healing experiences of their lives. Many people don’t get to say everything they wanted to before they leave this planet, and being channeled from the other side is a chance to share who they really are. What they have learned during the process of death, which is really important to them, how they feel about you. Men who have never told their daughters they loved them will send me the feeling and say it through me. It feels like reaching to be a bigger person, obviously, they are still learning things even after death.

The number one question that people ask when they talk to loved ones on the other side is this: “Are you okay?”. This surprised me at first because if I thought if I was “pretending” to be a medium, that is what I would say! Something like, “Yes I am on the other side and feeling fantastic.” Yet ultimately that is what everybody ends up asking their loved ones; “are you okay?”

Even those of us who have a solid spiritual faith, don’t really know what happens when we die. I am sure that I am not totally aware of what happens, even though I talk to dead people every day. To me, it feels like I am shining a flashlight in the other world, the other side, which is vast and hard to comprehend, instead of having daylight showing me everything. What is most memorable to me is the FEELING I have when I channel someone who is in heaven. They are blissful, satiated, happy. It seems like joy permeates my whole being. There is no need for anything else, it is a self-contained bliss. But it also radiates. The joy I feel from beings in heaven is similar to everyone who comes through, it is as though they are all immersed in the glow of happiness. It feels like it is who they really are, perhaps who we ALL really are.

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