If you haven’t read “Love is Letting Go of Fear” you need to.

There is no excuse not to really. It is an easy read and a short book. Honestly I have read it at least ten times. The first time I heard of the book was after a particularly hard break-up. I was on a date that my hair dresser had set me up with. We met at a dinner, and the man was pleasant to talk to, but I was not in any shape to start dating again.

So we were having a philosophical conversation about dating and love. He said something that made me reply: “What is love anyway?” to which he responded: “Love is letting go of fear.”

The statement took me aback. It sounded like something he had thought a ton about. “What do you mean by that?” I responded. I got the reply that it was the name of a book. A very good book he said, that would change the way I thought about things. Somehow, before that point and time, I hadn’t thought about love and fear being connected, I thought it was such a novel thought.

Many of us are taught that love is “romantic love”. That finding “the one” is the big purpose of our lives, and we are worth more if someone loves us. What I realized through studying Love is Letting Go of Fear’ is that we all have an unlimited amount of love that flows into us when we are connected to source. So much love that nothing else can enter our heart and hurt it. It is a stream like a gusher, nourishing everything that comes in contact with us. It is the opposite of thinking that we NEED someone to love us. It is that we have ALL this love, and it is our duty to share it.

So instead of sitting home and wishing someone loved you, you need to go out and spread your love from your heart far and wide. EVERYONE who shows up in your life is a soul mate. You have decided to manifest at this time and place the same that they have. You have an opportunity to learn what you came here to learn from them. Think about that, not that you might have said the wrong thing to a person that doesn’t want to spend any more time with you, and what you can say to change their minds.

I follow the writings of love is letting go of Fear. It is based on the information in “Course in Miracles” which I am sure that many of you have heard of. It is a channeled book; a woman wrote down messages she was receiving. It is LONG, and it reads like a bible. It is very Christian oriented. I don’t mind that, but I also don’t see Christianity as the only path to God. For whatever reason, the Course is not a book I pick up and read. I bought it when it was on sale at Costco, but I haven’t finished it. It didn’t resonate with me the way that Love is letting Go of Fear does.

It boils down to a simple statement; all emotions have a prime emotion that is behind them, and that is either love or fear. When you act with love, things expand. When you act with fear, things retract. Think of it how when you are surprised you draw your breath back in your body.

We are coming up on another political season. It seems that many of the political ads traffic in fear. That is not the highest place to be. It is not the happiest place to be. What you think about expands. We do not need to treat each other like the enemy. There are loving solutions to every problem. The higher you keep your vibration, the closer to love, joy and happiness you are, the closer you will also be to loving solutions.

Let go of fear and true miracles will surely happen.

Love Is Letting Go of Fear is available on Amazon at this link.

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