Every dog owner wants the best for their pet, but you should be careful who you trust when it comes to advice and information. Here are six popular myths about dogs that simply aren’t true.

1.  Premium dog food is healthier for your dog

Some people steer clear of cheap dog food in the belief that it lacks nutrition and is full of preservatives and fillers. Whilst this is true of some cheap dog food brands, not all cheap dog food is unhealthy. By the same token, not all expensive dog food is good for your pooch. Sites like dogsbynina.com can help you to find dog foods that are affordable and healthy. This includes wet foods and dry foods.

2. Putting garlic on dog food will help with worms

Garlic can be poisonous to dogs. This is especially the case with pregnant dogs, puppies and specific breeds like Akitas. Most dogs won’t react badly to garlic, but like chocolate, there’s always a risk that it could do serious damage. Whilst there is some evidence that it can help clean out the intestinal tract, you’re much better off pursuing professional treatment.   

3. Desexing your male dog will calm it down

Many owners desex their male dogs in the hope of calming them down. Whilst getting your animal desexed will certainly avoid unwanted pregnancies in other female dogs, there’s little evidence to show that it will have any impact on your male dog’s temperament. As CompanionAnimalVet.com suggests, dogs naturally calm down after puberty so if you’ve got a hyper young dog, don’t immediately fret (behavioral classes are always a better option for helping to calm down dogs).

4. A dog with a warm wet nose is ill

A warm, wet nose doesn’t always mean that your dog is sick. A dog’s nose fluctuates in temperature throughout the day – warmth is rarely a sign of anything. As for moistness, this could actually be a sign that your dog is healthy. A dry nose could be a sign that your dog is dehydrated. You should only worry about moistness if there is excess mucus, in which case your dog probably is feeling under the weather.

5. Dogs only eat grass when they are sick

Most dogs eat grass regardless of whether they’re sick or not. This is particularly the case with puppies who will put anything in their mouth. Adult dogs generally learn that grass doesn’t taste nice, so they stop doing it, however, some adult dogs may continue to do it unphased by the taste.

6. A dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s

There’s also a belief that dogs’ mouths are cleaner than humans. This is complete rubbish – there’s just as much bacteria in your dog’s mouth, it’s just a different type of bacteria. For this reason, you should always clean your dog’s teeth. Don’t believe the myth that a dog’s teeth clean themselves.

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