A continuing issue I have heard thru out my life is. “Which can you get closer to: a horse or a dog?” Now that I am an intuitive, another question added to the first is “who are more sensitive, dogs or horses?”

Let me start by saying that all animals have angels and guides, just like humans do.

Both sides of this issue have merit. A dog lives inside with most owners. They have access to your bedroom, your bed. A dog looks at you admiringly, hanging on your every movement, every word and look. From my communication, I have found dogs have a purpose, and they need a job. If you don’t give them a job, they create their own. It may be something you don’t like, like herding the cats. Dogs can’t lie. The best they can do is change the subject, like say, “look over there- movement!”

Horses. Horses are beings that are like no other on this planet. They are beautiful, gorgeous, gigantic beings, very powerful, yet they have a stomach the size of a human’s, and are afraid of most everything.

The first horse event I went to as an animal communicator: I channeled 4 horses, I cried 4 times. Horses can tell you who/how every scar was made on their body, many times having both first and last name. Horses don’t come right out and say they don’t like something, they say, “this other thing is better.” A show horse I channeled came thru saying, “I love royal blue. I look great in blue; it is the color of royalty. In our current color, I look like a clown. (His owner was showing him in pink).” Diplomatic to a fault, the horse would not come out and say he HATED pink, even though he probably did.

I am interested on your thoughts on this topic. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy both horses and dogs immensely. I love them both beyond measure. When Gracie, Lucie and I were going thru obedience training, and I made the mistake of saying “horses are more sensitive than dogs.” The trainer got her hackles up (being an intuitive, I could feel this immediately, but it was probably obvious to even someone of Helen Keller’s sensitivities) and commented, “Really? You think that horses are more sensitive than dogs? Really?”
So the question is on the table. Give me your experiences & beliefs. I am open to any and all opinions & facts. After all, all dogs and horses are individuals, especially yours!

Footnote: for the feline lovers out there, I love my cats too. Seems they have been stuck with the moniker that they are standoffish. God seems to have balanced this with giving cats the ability to purr. If heaven has a sound, it would be a cat purr. My cats come when you call them, and Spike is needy about getting a certain amount of petting each day. My recently tamed feral cat doesn’t know he isn’t a dog. He comes when I call my dogs, and he goes on our five-mile walk with us. He loves to be loved on, and it amazes me that such an affectionate cat was afraid to let me touch him for over six months.

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