As a culture, we do not honour our dogs as we do our significant other, the work counterpart, the friend. Dogs are always there, like your shadow, and you assume that they will be, that perhaps they even have no needs. Like humans, dogs can contribute and participate in the world more if they have an education. That education needs to start with the basics, spelling the alphabet before or writing cursive. Last week I channelled a dog that told its owner, “I don’t want you speaking in sentences. I want just one or two words. 1-syllable words. A word that has 4 syllables is just like a sentence- don’t use those! ” Our dogs deserve to know, the simple words that can help them frame word sentences, know what is being asked of them. Much like the snoopy character that hears “wah, wah, wah”, dogs that are not properly trained are clueless to the words that surround them.

I have always loved word pictures, metaphors; it is what drew me to poetry. The guides constantly use metaphors constantly when I channel. They will reference a movie or a person and give me a feeling that is their shorthand for an explanation that took the movie 2 hours to explain. So today when my dog’s trainer mentioned Helen Keller (a woman that was in a book I read last week- no coincidences) and took the palm of my hand spelling “water” in it. I got it immediately. A being without words in this environment cannot communicate the same way others do, and each word needs to be shown. Once however, the first word “water!” comes, it all comes, because the being gets the concept that there IS a word for most everything, that that is the way to communicate with others, especially people, with words.

Today is a landmark day in my house. After owning Lucy for over a year, today is the first day I have seen the light bulb go off in her head, and she comprehends a word for an action that I want her to do. Yes, I may have said earlier that my girls, (Gracie and Lucie) are easier to understand than my last dog, Patsy, had been. If Gracie and Lucie (from this point forward known as “the girls”) feel something, like happiness, joy, fear, I too, feel it wash over me like a flood. They seem to wear everything out in the open, not knowing or caring to cover up what is really going on with them. But until today, I did not realize the thing that I do not get from them. I do not get words.

A human mind is a remarkable organ, and I would dare say most people would say that about a dog mind too. I would definitely say it about the canine and human heart. When I channel, now that I am writing about HOW I channel, I notice what goes on in my mind to much greater detail. I have always been a quick thinker, doing mental exercises in my head while many are telling a slow story. My Instructor brought up to me I hadn’t found my peers until I started channelling the spirit guides, for they go SO FAST, it is all I can do to grab the messages and flag them down. When I channel a live sentient being, I use my feelings, perceptions, and words, pictures that come thru my head. Many times, I get two facts of information at once, a feeling, a word, a fragment of a song, and a body ting. I have to stop, and replay how and exactly where the information comes to me from. You see, I receive information from the angels, spirit guides and elementals too. Animals have spirit guides too- they are who I go to when I look for a “lost” pet (I put lost in quotes because I always find the spirit of the animal with the person who they belong to, and firmly believe that nothing is lost in God’s world.)

So today, Lucy figures out that a word means an action. That like the finger symbol in the palm of the hand, means water, there is a system of language, and it connects us all, making us less lonely, more able to understand what the other wants. Once that door has been opened, it leads to communication, to a conversation, a dance of language, and the utmost joy of being understood. Today is the beginning of the rest of the story.

Yesterday Obama said in his State of the Union Address “the best insurance policy against poverty is a world-class education”. I do not believe that statement is solely for people. It also applies to horses and dogs. By educating our dogs, we make them better citizens of the world. I firmly believe dogs add to the vibration and love in the universe. They are naturally loving, joyous beings, who are still buffered and jostled around by the waves of their experiences. With an understanding of what is wanted and expected of them from their human companions, they are starting to flourish.


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