Dog Health Tips for the Fall Season

Summer has wrapped up and the weather is starting to cool down. Autumn is here, and with the new season there are some things for you to keep in mind when it comes to caring for your pet dog’s health. Here are some tips, which will help you make sure your pup is happy and thriving throughout the fall season.

Check for Ticks

Ticks are a risk for your dog all year long because he spends some of his time outside daily. Ticks can be particularly vicious in the fall, and you should keep your eye out for the little pests on your pup every time he comes in from outside. In addition to making sure your pup hasn’t been bitten by a tick, make sure that one hasn’t hitched a ride inside on your dog’s fur. If one does, then crawls off into your space and you get bitten, that tick bite can give you Lyme disease. Make sure you talk to your vet about proper flea and tick preventatives to make sure you keep those tick bites at bay.

Watch for Fall Allergies

Some dogs are highly allergic during the fall season, thanks to falling leaves and changing vegetation. Make sure you keep an eye out for allergy symptoms in your dog(s) and treat them properly. Some of the symptoms of fall seasonal allergies include sneezing and coughing, nasal discharge, goopy eyes, and scratching. Your vet can tell you about (and prescribe) the right antihistamines to give your dog(s) if they in fact do have fall allergies. They can also prescribe a treatment for atopic dermatitis, which helps control itching.

Keep an Eye on Halloween Candy

Halloween is one of the most fun parts of the fall season for children. However, it can be risky for dogs! Whether you have kids that will be collecting candy,(tick or treating) or whether you’ll be dolling out candy to kids from the neighborhood, you should keep a close eye on that candy. Keep it where your pup can’t get to it. Eating chocolate can be very harmful to your dog’s health (even fatal), so make sure he doesn’t have access to any candy. This may well save his life. If your dog accidentally gets into some Halloween candy, call your vet immediately and follow his advice about what to do next.

Watch Out for Snakes

In the fall, snakes prepare to hibernate. If your dog finds a snake that is getting ready to settle in for the season, there’s a chance he’ll get attacked & bitten. Watch out for snakes in your yard or on walks, and keep yourself and your pup away from them. If you encounter a snake that you think may be poisonous, alert a wildlife authority in your area. They will let you know how to best handle the snake, or in some cases they will come and remove the snake to a safe distance.

It’s time to switch gears and start thinking about how to best care for your pet dog for the fall season. By learning what particular challenges will affect your dog , and how you can effectively meet those challenges, you will make sure the season is an enjoyable one for your dog from start to finish.


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