This summer I had the ephinany that we all have to work together, and that dog trainers and communicators SHOULD be on the same team for we do different jobs. If it is a communication or misunderstanding, you know we can save alot of heart ache, money and time. Currently, 30% of the animals being turned in to the shelters are done so because of behavior issues. My belief is that as humans we are letting these dogs down, I was called in earlier in the year by Small Paws because a woman who adopted a dog wanted to turn the dog into the humane society because he had “maybe” bitten someone. I did a session with the dog & he stayed in the home. Wouldn’t it be great if it were standard of care for us to get called before these dogs are turned out of their homes for almost certain death?

Writing my book has crystalized my purpose in this world, and allowed me to realize the role that animals play in creating the future. at first I thought that I would be in this little “niche” of animal communication, even though I am an intuitive medium and medical empath for humans too. What I have come to believe is the path to EVERYTHING is thru the animals- dogs teach us about death, how to love and are causing many to believe in reincarnation (I have at least 2 pets a month come back reincarnated, and have found quotes from 5 other animal communicators who believe this too).

The reason I am sharing this with you is that there is much to do. The vision I received for one of my clients this weekend is that of a tsumani hitting: if we are standing alone we will be washed away. If we are holding hands, embracing our strength, we will be not only survive but thrive, not only exist, but also flourish. We are never stronger than when we stand together, and it is thru channelling divinity for others that I embrace it myself.

You know why I felt compelled to share this information with you. I just realized the hundreds of sessions I did at hayhouse & Celebrate not only the person received, they allowed me to see more of my grace & path.

I remember the moment, that I decided it didn’t have to be up to me to change the world.I grade school age, at a 4h meeting. and the thought floated thru my head that I was nothing special, so why did I feel pressured, hell, responsible, for changing the world? And I did, I felt the weight of being a solution for the world every hour of the day. It was way too much, I am only a girl. (A girl who stood in her bedroom and talked to Abraham Lincoln several times a week). I thought nothing about this being weird, after all I lived in Illinois, the land of lincoln, and wasn’t he EVERYWHERE?

I am currently reading Steve Jobs bio, and it has stirred the passion in me even more. You see, I have many of the same traits that he does, including that of knowing you could be “out there”. Difference was that I always was scared of the edge, thinking that the song “she’s come undun” could be me. I dated men who “grounded” me, and followed alot instead of led.
But now, after listening to my angels, after hearing about jobs, after falling in love with dogs so much that I fell in love with myself. I got the radical idea that it is time. Time to head straight for that edge, and fly over it. because to be in love with yourself, allows you to not be held hostage by fear.

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