As an animal communicator, I FEEL how cats and dogs, horses, birds feel. It gives me a perspective on situations that involve animals that very few humans are privy to. A rescue puppy lost its life today, even though many people with open loving hearts tried to bring her back to health. It brings me to a dull heartache, and the need to try to share what I know.

First of all, dogs and cats GO to heaven. I have spoke to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dogs and cats, and not one of them have told me that they were at some “rainbow bridge”. I can’t even imagine wanting your pet to go to a “waiting place” where they wait till you die to go to heaven WITH you. Sounds a lot like catholic purgatory, and even that your relatives can buy your way out of it to heaven. Some of the pets I talk to do stay earthbound, which is another topic for a later date, but most of them can be found, frolicking around a place I call heaven, out of pain, happy and with the ability to be with their human loved ones at the speed of thought.  I am not tied to the name heaven, you could call it Whoville, whatever, the important point is that they are okay there. Believe it or not, that is the main question I get from clients inquiring about their beloved pets that have departed is simply that. “Are they okay?” and they always are.

Many feels like the situation with feral cats and unwanted dogs is getting worse, and maybe it is. I read somewhere this week that the ASPCA said three years ago they killed 12 MILLION unwanted cats and dogs, and this year they have that number down to 5 MILLION.  That sounds like real progress, but it doesn’t make me smile. First of all, I don’t trust those numbers. A company like the humane society of the United States that is so generous as to spend one dollar of EVERY hundred they receive in donations for taking care of shelter cats and dogs, very seldom mentions how many animals they are destroying.  I have heard horror stories of dogs & cats being put down when someone wanted them, but there was a “communication error”.

To the humane society’s credit, the cats and dogs seem to know that it is a temporary stopping point for them, and I never have had an animal tell me of the horrible experience they had in the humane society or County shelter. The animals carry the memory of abuse or unwanted-ness from former owners with them just in case they are put in that situation again, so they can respond with fear. One of the most rewarding services I do is that I clear the energy from these animals, which turns their fear over to the universe, and allows them to drop their “story” and move completely into the present moment. The animals willingly let go of their fears, which allows them to not react in the same negative ways.

The angels have shared that these animals that are on the front lines of being unwanted, getting sick, know exactly what they are getting into. That these animals know they are putting their lives on the line. It is not a pleasant experience for them, but they come with their love on their paw, knowing that human beings need a choice; they need to see what could be, and what is. What could be is that we could have a country filled with happy loving cared-for pets; we could make the choice for love. In fact many of us have made that choice, and live with animals that love and share our lives. Yet there is the other side too, animals that are left out in the cold, homeless and sick. What the angels stated, is that we, humans, world citizens, can make the choice for valuing life above all other choices, including war, weapons, gasoline, and the old men that sign the papers that start these wars.  If we didn’t send weapons to the middle east, we would have an abundance of money to help with all kinds of problems, such as taking care of our animals, educating our children, making sure all beings are not being abused, children and pets alike.

We would no longer have soldiers come back with post traumatic stress syndrome, carrying it with them like a knapsack they are unable to put down, and sometimes spin around knocking out any  loved ones who happen to be near.

“The true measure of a nation is how it treats it’s animals” Gandhi

These animals have come, knowing the cost, yet laying their lives on the line. They know the only way something will change is for someone to be sick of the way things currently are. They also know that the only humans that like change are ones in pain. That is why they have come in painful situations. Making the choice such an urgent one. The choice is critical. We are past the time when we can have little tiffs and nothing much comes of it. We are destroying our planet. Are these wars about fear?  Are they about a large military-corporate complex that makes and uses weapons because the money is immense?  Is it lost on the world that we buy oil from the middle east and they hand the money right back to the US economy to purchase weapons & war machines? There is more corporate commerce and wealth in weapons than saving an animals life.

When I am hired to look for a lost pet, I always give a discount. Somewhere in the search I decide to be a partner in helping the animal find it’s way home, and that the money is secondary. This probably happens because if my dogs were lost I would want someone to help me even if I couldn’t afford to pay them. That somewhere, someone should be kind. So I wonder, with all these dying animals, how can the vets be so cold hearted to say no to medical procedures with animals and let them die.  I couldn’t do it. But I grew up attending to the ailments and diseases of the cats on our dairy farm. My parents would not let me call the vet for a cat being sick, but if a vet was already out at the farm for another livestock animal, I could ask about the cats also. I recall doing pretty well with them, probably because of my constant attention. However we could also order medications from a veterinary wholesaler, and commonly treated infections with ease, low cost and success. Are vets still offering these options? Or are they making money from those of us with open hearts and open pocketbooks, making a profit when we are going bankrupt trying to save the pet population at large?

I don’t know if I have made you feel any better. I hope I have illuminated some of the information on the current unwanted pet population. I myself am totally in awe of these brave and strong creatures, willingly making the choice to come to this planet to open human hearts, allowing us to be aware of another choice besides arming ourselves to the teeth in fear. From my experiences, I know that they are out of pain once they die, and that they go to a vibrationally high place that could be called heaven. It seems reincarnation is true for these animals, so then the most important issue becomes whether or not they suffer. You know the old quote, “grief is mandatory: suffering is optional”. Cats have a wonderful way of disappearing instead of suffering, while dogs stay and put up with incredible abuse from their people at times.  Personally, I have experienced so much love from any and all cats and dogs that I have interacted with, it breaks my heart that there are people in the world who wouldn’t spend any amount of money trying to save them, including staying up all night to see if they need anything.

I leave you with this thought: there has never been a person on death row that had a pet as a child. My belief is if you receive that unconditional love from an animal at a formative age, that love changes you and stays with you.  It is expensive to put a person in jail: at least $50,000 a year right now. There needs to be a way we can connect the children who need the love of an animal with an animal that needs a home. Perhaps qualifying with lessons to capably take care of a pet. Another great place for pets is in the nursing homes. Outstanding research has been done on the effect of cats & dogs on lowering blood pressure, improving health overall. We need each other, cats, dogs and humans. Just so happens that their needs are a little more obvious, and the control of the situation is in human hands.


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