I have communicated with dogs for over 18 years now. And I have NEVER once had them say, “My pack leader”. They do say “My human”, “My mom” or “My Dad”. They also never see us in a bad light. I cannot tell you how many dogs I talk to that explain to me they were left behind because they couldn’t keep up with the car, and that they felt they had failed. It is heart breaking.

One of the things I have found with dogs is that they always come with a purpose, and that they like to have a job. If you don’t give them a job, they create one themselves. And that’s when it may be something you don’t want them to do, like barking when people come. Dogs have a toddler’s understanding of words. They also communicate with “thought pictures”, and “smell” feelings on you. So if you are lying and saying that you are happy, but they feel the smell of sadness, they believe the smell of sadness. That is why sometimes it is hard to lie to dogs.

In my book ‘Animal Lover’ I talk about a type of dog I call the “pseudo-alpha”. This is a dog that really isn’t a leader, and doesn’t feel comfortable being out in front. However, they KNOW their human saved their life (if they come from the pound especially) and want to repay the favor.


From my book “Animal Lover: 1 woman’s fantastic journey to uncover the spiritual purpose of pets”

Over the years, I’ve worked with a type of dog that acted erratically or had hard-to-solve problems. I started calling them “pseudo-alphas.” They had been in bad situations and knew that they had been abandoned, or left for dead. They also knew that the person they lived with now had saved their lives. These dogs were not alpha dogs, but were dogs that would be content to follow in second place and stay the course. This can put a lot of stress on an animal that isn’t normally an alpha, but feels obligated to protect and serve the human that saved their lives.
Dogs that have been abandoned and turned into a shelter live with a memory and knowledge of the other dogs that have always been loved and had a home but are now without. I find an amazing resiliency in dogs. They are willing and able to let go of fears and move into the present moment if they are asked. This is one of the vast differences between dogs and humans; humans have an almost impossible time of letting go of the past, forgetting their fears, or memories of past harm. Dogs that feel a special calling to a human make a dramatic commitment to that person. It is quite obvious to the dog that if their human’s life is threatened, they need to protect them and would sacrifice their lives defending them. Luckily today, few situations call for such devotion and dedication.
Those thoughts are made very real because they have power over reality. With dogs, as with humans, thoughts influence their reality. A dog that comes into the alpha position easily, who feels that they could easily handle anything that comes their way, is surer of their actions and talents. Much like a black belt in Tae Kwon Do who gets in fewer fights than a beginning Tae Kwon Do student, an alpha dog does not attack until absolutely necessary, and when they do, they are confident in their actions.
‘Animal Lover’ is a fascinating look at how animals REALLY think and feel. For more information on this book &  where to purchase it, click here.

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